10 best luggage storage tips

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When going outside, selection of a right suitcase and to pack it properly is a thing that matters a lot. So here is a guide for you to learn the easy packing tips to make your trip wonderful:

10 best luggage storage tips

Selection of Bag

When you are going to select a bag for the trip, there are two options. Whether you’ll select a suitcase with a hard shell for the durability purpose or the second option is that you select a lightweight and soft from inner size bag with is really beneficial. While starting for packing, you should be selecting a bag that is easy to carry when packed.  A bag should be weighing not more than 5 pounds so that you may not face trouble while carrying

Smart space bag

 There are the bags which have got a compression key that saves the smart space and thus you can adjust more stuff in one bag. These bags also have got portion where you can put your neat and dirty clothes separately and so you can maintain cleanliness and be comfortable.

Avoid double entry

You need to be intelligent while packing. Pack the clothes different from each other even try not to repeat a single color. Put colorful dresses in your bag and a variety of designs. This is appreciable that you are not going somewhere in a high fashion setting but in the fashion culture of the world, you too need to look appealing. Another thing is that pack smartly.

Reduce the need for ironing

You can simply reduce the need of ironing by just putting the dresses in cleaning bags of plastic. In this way you dresses will get the minimum wrinkles when packed and this they’ll remain the same as they were packed until your arrival.

Pack backup

While packing for the contingency items, you need to take care that it may not take up all the space. Folding duffel with durability and lightweight could be used for this purpose.

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When you are packing for a travel, 3 pairs of different styles of the shoes are enough to pack. Shoes should be adjusted in a way in the bag that they leave space for the clothes. Socks and undergarments should be stuffed in shoes.

Take advantage from “personal item”

Airlines allow you to carry a personal item bag with you which could be easily fitted below the seat. You need to take maximum benefit from that. Things that are light and could not get space in the luggage could be put in the personal item bag like jewelry, charger, and documents.

Reduce gadgets

Just take the specific gadgets along with you on travel. Take your smartphone with you and leave all the other gadgets at home. If you want, you can take a camera along you.


Put only the necessary things in your bag, these soap, shampoo, and lotion could also be taken from the hotel. Use a silicon tube to pack the things which have a chance to drip so that they may not drip.


Take care of yourself and your luggage. After all, security is everything which matters.