12 Recipes for Cooking Parsnips

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Root vegetable is part of the famous “forgotten vegetables”, the parsnip cooks in many ways and brings a delicate sweet flavor to your recipes. Learn to cook it in fries, salad or mashed potatoes.The parsnip resembles the carrot. Only its color changes, that is why it is also called “white carrot”.

It is harvested between the months of August and November, so it is cooked much during the autumn months. It brings novelty to your recipes, it replaces marvelously the carrot or the potato, more classic. To properly choose your parsnips, be careful that they are firm and dense. If they possess fine hawks, they will only be cooler. Keep parsnips like carrots in a refrigerator. On the other hand, this “white carrot” softens more quickly. You can keep the parsnip cool for three weeks in a bag of kraft paper. Even better, if you have a cellar, you can keep the parsnips at harvest after removing the tops for up to 4 to 6 months.

Before preparing parsnip, remove sand and soil. It is not necessary to peel it if it has not been treated, you will only have to brush it.Like many fruits and vegetables, it tends to blacken in the open air. If you do not use the whole vegetable in a recipe, place it in lemon water. If you consume it raw, in salad for example, check that the heart is not stringy. If not, remove it.

Cooking the parsnip is faster than its cousin the carrot. Being large, you will need to cook it into slices or sticks.

To combine the parsnip, side vegetables, choose other root vegetables, leek or even beets. Beware of these, the parsnip being also sweet, it will balance the flavors in your recipes. Against all odds, parsnips combine very well with fruits such as pear, apple or orange. In a salad, season with hazelnut oil. In soups, marry it with colorful and vitamin squash , for a comforting dish. In puree, it is easily  combined with scallops  for example.

Finally, on the meat side, it is particularly suitable with pork, duck or even lamb. If you want to cook it with fish, choose sole.