5 Things That People Enjoy About Flying

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A small number of people do actually dread flying, whereas various others love them. Some folk can sleep all the way through a long flight without a problem, whilst various others will go on to watch film after film just to help those hours go by

And even though a flight may be boring, there are ways to make the most of them and chill out and look forward to the trip ahead. Check them out:

The Chance to Disconnect

How often do we normally get to actually turn off those phones that people have become attached to and log out of all of those social media websites these days? Most people are constantly connected, always sharing, always chatting.

  • Many would find it hard to believe that there actually was a time when people never had themselves so hypnotised by these plastic digital devices!

That’s why getting onto a British Midland Airlines plane is a rare and welcome chance to shut it all out and have a nap, read a book or flight magazine, listen to music or watch a show.

The Food

This will depend on the length of your flight, but much has been said about flight food, a lot of it negative!

  • But what most people don’t realise is that when a cabin is pressurised, it affects your taste buds and sense of smell!

In fact airline food has been given the thumbs up by various chefs when it was eaten on the ground! As for the little nibbles or sandwiches, just enjoy them!

Other Passengers

You might be too busy doing other things, but at times you can meet some fascinating people on planes, and although it’s perfectly normal to indeed mind your own business and nap, read or listen to music and pay no attention to anyone sitting next to you, you could just end up having the chat of a lifetime!

  • By simply flashing a friendly smile and a word or two, you can easily break the ice.

Good opening lines to try would be: Are you travelling for work or holiday? Have you been there (the destination) before? If so, do you have any advice for where to go and what to do?

Means to a Wonderful End

People who’ve flown so many times can sometimes get somewhat jaded, but try remembering your first flight!

  • Flying is actually great fun because it takes you to places (and quickly also!).

Just that feeling of apprehension and excitement that comes your way when you go out to the airport on the first day of your holiday. Once you’re on that big metal bird and you’re looking out of that little cabin window, it’shappening and you’re going somewhere!

For All the Photographers Out There!

Ever flown into Munich in the early evening? Or over the London at 8am? It’s visually stunning, and worth a shot or two. From amazing sunsets to city flyovers, try to get a window seat when checking in to lap up the scenery below! Enjoy!