5 Types of Restaurants Which Offer Surprisingly Good Vegetarian Food

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If you’ve been a vegetarian for any period of time, then you definitely know the struggle of finding good vegetarian food in London. Despite the fact that the vegetarian food scene in London has seen astronomical growth over the past few years, exclusively vegetarian restaurants are still few and far between as they are totally outnumbered by other types of restaurants. For this reason, as a vegetarian, have ever asked yourself where you can find the best restaurants in London for vegetarians. Well, if this question has ever crossed your mind, then you are definitely in the right place. Here are some of the best types of restaurants for vegetarians to visit where you’ll find a unique cuisine that contains excellent plant-based options.

  1. Japanese Restaurants

The sushi culture has taken the western world by storm. So what should you do as a vegetarian if your friends want to visit a Japanese restaurant? Well, contrary to popular belief, not all sushi rolls contain fish. Infact, the original sushi rice is totally vegan-friendly since it contains rice, sugar, seaweed and rice vinegar salt. Some excellent vegan toppings that you can choose in your sushi roll include cucumber, spinach, soy beans, pickles, carrots and soy sauce seasoning.

  1. Italian Restaurants

Known for their love affair with sausages and pork, many would believe that a vegetarian can never survive in an Italian restaurant. However, in reality, you have many options to choose from; and I’m not just talking about the greens at the salad bar. The classic Italian bruschetta is an excellent example of a vegetarian-friendly antipasto that contains grilled bread rubbed with garlic and topped with salt and extra virgin olive oil. You can also find some restaurants that include tomatoes and beans as toppings. Grilled artichokes and scrumptious bean salads can also be a great option if you’re eating Italian.

  1. Thai Restaurants

Thai cuisine is famous for its generous use of spices and herbs, most notably lime leaves, mint leaves, garlic, ginger, lemon grass, curry and basil, which are all great options for vegetarians. At a Thai restaurant, you can enjoy sour, spicy, sweet and salty flavors all under one roof.

  1. Pizza Restaurants

So, what happens if you’re attending a get-together at a pizzeria? As you well know, a pizza is all about the toppings. Luckily for you, there are a variety of pizzas which have exclusively vegetarian toppings such as magharita and most Mediterranean pizzas. Since the combination of flavors varies from one restaurant to another, inspect the menu to find options that contain mushrooms, olives, onions, pineapples, corn and other tasty vegetarian options.

  1. African Restaurants

Fondly known as the cradle of mankind, African cuisine is probably one of the most inherently vegetarian cuisines in the world. If you have the opportunity to visit an African restaurant, then be sure to try some signature dishes such as cooked bananas with groundnut soup which is a delicacy from Eastern Africa. As a starter dish, nothing beats the classic Moroccan pumpkin soup and for desert, and you’ll love plantain pancakes from West Africa.