An Awesome In-flight Food Experience In South Africa

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There is nothing like a delicious meal that is served on-board in comfort while cruising through the air. To add delight to the travel experience of the customers, all airlines offer premium passengers a restaurant dining experience.

The In-flight dining menu with only SAA online booking

You get a selection of canapés, accompanied by a first beverage service, offered to only Business Class clients. In international long haul flights you have a choice of a crisp fish starter or a hot soup. This is trailed by an aperitif, the unbelievable bubbly from one of France’s most acclaimed champagne houses Moet and Chandon Brut Impérial.

The Economy Class service incorporates a choice of 3 main courses rather than two: a healthy salad of green vegetables, trailed by a red meat dish, chicken or fish based dish or a non-meat alternative. Dessert is trailed by cheddar and crackers, with a full bar.

  The Mango Airlines South Africain-flight dining menu

The in-flight meals include: Muffins, an assortment of muffins specially produced for Mango Guests. Filled croissants in the morning, prepared fresh every day. Ask the cabin crew for the options available on your flight. Filled sandwiches in all flights prepared fresh every day. Ask the cabin crew for the options available on your flight. Beef pastrami with gherkins & mustard on low GI white bread. Roast chicken mayonnaise on low GI brown bread. Ham & cheese on low GI whole wheat bread. Vegetarian on low GI seed bread

Note: Sandwiches and croissants are prepared in the kitchen that uses nuts.

Snacks available are chips, chocolates, salted peanuts, mixed peanuts and raisins, mini jelly babies, mini wine gums and biltong.

Also, you can enjoy cold beverages (fruit juices, soft drinks, water, wine, beers & cedars), spirits & mixers include (whisky, brandy, vodka, gin, rum, amarula cream, soda water, tonic water), hot beverages (Ceylon or rooibos tea, coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate).

Credit card payments are now being rolled out on Mango Airways, subject to Wi-Fi availability. Please ask the cabin crew whether they’re available on this flight. Neoprene tablet sleeve- The new children’s neoprene tablet sleeve with zip includes: Jungle Beat DVD with 3 episodes UV400 sunglasses. Note pad and pen Magic cube key ring A4 Activity sheet.

If you have any suggestions, compliments or complaints, you can contact at From 1st April 2016, Mango Airlines no longer accept payments in US dollars for in-flight catering on the Zanzibar route.

The Kulula airlinesin- flight menu

The Kulula airlines meals are not included in the price of your ticket, you have to buy extra. In-flight meal options include veggie and non vegan sandwiches and additionally a cheddar platter choice and a wide range of sweets and salty snacks. Dinners are set up by Comair Food directions who supply all locally available food and tidbits. Yogurt options are available till 11am or until the last stocks. You can buy all through cash only.

Now, look forward to a variety of delicious and nutritious on-board!