Attractions and Adventures in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is a very well-known city of California and definitely it cannot be behind in offering the world-class scuba diving adventures and exciting attractions to its millions of visitors. When I hear just the name, I can see palm trees, sun rays, and many scenes from several movies flashing in front of me eyes. In all, what I am trying to say is this that the attractions in Los Angeles are varied to fulfill the different satisfaction levels of diverse visitors. That is why I am dedicating this article to tell you about the attractions in Los Angeles that I visited.

My Visit

I first explored its four major attractions namely, the Farmers Market, Grove, Chinatown, and the Disneyland. Located on the West 3rd St. is the Farmers Market since 1934, simply regarded as the shoppers’ paradise. With fresh fruits and vegetables, it’s a supreme incredible site full of fresh produces, bakeries, and national and local shops offering all sorts of items along with more than 30 restaurants.

The Grove on the Grove Drive is a flashy shopping centre across the Farmers Market – a not to miss attraction! Check out for a magical fountain in the middle that emits water high every half an hour while the musical beat from the Dean Martin, Harry Connick Jr., and Frank Sinatra keep vibrating you. Further, a double decker tram keeps on taking you on its tour to and from the Farmers Market. The complex is full of high and budget retailers and that the charming architectural style is that of the mid 1900s.

The Chinatown at North Broadway in downtown is where you can explore the rich past and heritage both American and Chinese. Be amidst this Chinese Hollywood offering colorful shops, restaurants, and galleries on the lively streets.

The amusing Disneyland in Anaheim is the most visited amusement park highly thronged by the visitors. Try out the great rides namely, Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain, The Haunted House, It’s a Small World, and much more. I recommend coming on a weekday or at off-season and that book a table near water at the Blue Bayou in advance for the best meal. On somewhat similar lines, but not that famous is the Disney’s California Adventure – the new attraction. The main highlights are Paradise Pier – a beachside boardwalk with a loud coaster, Ferris wheel, and arcade games; Grizzly River run down a mountain; and an Aladdin stage show; and the evening Electric Parade.