Basic Tips That Might Help While Booking Wheelchair Accessible Hotels

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When it comes to organizing a vacation, hotel bookings become one of the most vital yet difficult decisions to make. But, if you are a wheelchair user you have more things to consider as you have to be sure whether the lodging option that you select is all geared up to fit the needs of your restricted mobility. You must be prepared to deal with unexpected surprises once you reach the venue but, at the same time, it is also very important to belt up with all the necessary tips that can help you avoid them.

How to book wheelchair accessible hotels


Presently there is a staggering amount of comparison websites available over the internet who allows consumers an abundance of choice. Moreover, the convenient filter search options provided by the websites make the struggle of finding a wheelchair accessible hotel a lot less tedious. Doing research on your holiday destination to find the best fitting hotel for accessibility needs is vital and it must be the first step. The best way to go ahead is by sorting out the list of the most viable accessible hotels. Go through the accessible features and services that each of them offers, get a rough idea and choose accordingly.


You will find details on the accessible hotels on the comparing websites itself. But, keeping your special needs in mind just mere internet information does not suffice. What you need is the confirmation of the accessibility information coming straight from the hotel authorities. How do you do that? Just call the hotel. There is nothing to be shy. Confirm the online information in order to extract more detailed information about the services that they offer to handicap guests. Inquire about what features they have in their accessible rooms, especially about the bed height and the bathroom arrangement including the placement of sinks. Raise concerns about whether the rooms have built-in roll-in shower facilities or not.


Every disabled individual has different needs. So it is crucial for a guest to hotel’s interpretation of a wheelchair accessible room. So, you can ask about the accessible features that the hotel offers like ramped access to lifts, entrance doorways and public areas or facilities of disabled parking and also about the floor location of the accessible rooms. Then, you can move on to inquire about the features of their accessible rooms like whether the rooms have a wheel or wall-attached shower chairs, how wide the door and passageways are inside the room, the height of the bed etc.


Even after clarifying your doubts over the phone, tiny bits of uncertainty remain, you can always ask for some pictures to clearly match their answers to your question and decide on whether or not to knock out this hotel option. Pictures can give you a clearer idea of the features that have been spoken of.


In case of any discrepancy once you reach the hotel, having a printed email confirmation received from the hotel can help you sort on-spot issues better.