Battersea’s Circus Village confirms more restaurants

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Several new restaurants have been confirmed at the new Circus Village located within Battersea Power Station. Many of these are small businesses run by entrepreneurs looking to get a foothold in the lucrative London restaurant scene. Here is a look at what it takes to open a new food business and how to succeed.

Battersea’s Circus Village confirms more restaurants
In a week where Express reports that celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is in talks to close more of his restaurants, this goes to show that opening a food business and keeping it open are two very different things. While it is refreshing to learn that some new and vibrant food businesses are setting up in the Circus Village in Battersea, there has to be an element of caution.

Things to think about when opening a new food business

If you are considering starting a restaurant or food business, you need to think about what you will sell. Will it be food that people can eat on the go, or food that requires people to sit down and eat with a knife and fork? Then, it’s time to decide what sort of outlet it will be. As a startup, a great way to begin is with some sort of mobile catering or by turning your offering into a pop-up restaurant. The location is also important. Consider whether the sort of people you are trying to attract would come and eat where you are thinking you will be based. If you are going to be more mobile, think about pitching at festivals, food markets and fairs.

Ways to make your new food business a success

The main elements of making a success of a food business are getting the pricing and the food offering right and ensuring you are providing value for money. At the start, it is important to try to keep overheads down and focus on costs. On way of doing this is by buying some of your commercial catering supplies from outlets like

Battersea’s Circus Village confirms more restaurants

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If you are thinking about starting a new food business, some sound advice is to start small and consider where you are basing yourself and whether that is right for your target market. Carefully consider your offering and pricing, and you will be on the way to success in the food business.