Desert Safari Dubai – Arabian Nights

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Dubai is famous for being a city that has its gates open for everyone. It does not matter if you are a rich business tycoon or a taxi driver, Dubai is for everyone. One thing that is common between every tourist who visits Dubai is that Desert Safari is at top of their ‘things to do’.  Desert Safari is not just for people who are thrill seekers but is also for those people who like tranquility and being close to nature. With a huge range of adventures such as Camel riding and Quad biking. Desert Safari is a unique experience to have.

Different Arabian Desert SafariDeals

1) Overnight Desert Safari

If you feel alone in a city of millions and want to connect with nature than Overnight Safari should be your choice. The Arabian sand cools down at night and millions of stars come out of their hiding places. You get to sleep under the blanket of stars and enjoy all the luxuries in the luxurious camps that offer Overnight Desert Safari. In these camps, you get to watch many Arabian traditions from belly dancing performed by professional belly dancers to eating Arabian flavored B.B.Qs.

2) Morning Desert Safari

If you are an early riser and would like to go on adventures when the sun is rising then this deal is for you. You get to take pictures with the Falcon on your arm and the magnificent sun rising behind you. In mornings the sand is cool beneath your feet and cool breezes are blowing on you so if you would like to go for thrill seeking activities for example like Sandboarding, dune bashing, and Quad biking then you should choose the Morning Desert Safari deal.

3) Arabian Desert Safari

If you would like Desert Safari with a cherry on top then Arabian Desert Safari is for you. You can go on off-trek road trips on powerful SUVs provided by companies and enjoy a range of different activities. You get free unlimited shisha and get to watch Tanura shows as well.

4) Hatta Safari

Hatta Safari is a unique deal offered by only some companies. In Hatta Safari you get to drive Land cruisers on rocky terrain and visit the historical site of Hatta. This is a very unique and once in a lifetime opportunity and everyone who visits Dubai should definitely do this once.

These were the most common Desert Safari Deals. If you had any other unique experience in Dubai, then please tell us about it in the comment section below.