Enjoy the Taste of These Yummy Cakes While on a Trip to Dubai

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People who enjoy travelling would definitely have the city of Dubai on their wish list due to its marvellous architecture, shopping malls and variety of cuisines. The beautiful city has lately emerged as a wonderful tourist destination and is also an impressive business hub for people around the world. If you want to enjoy the taste of some of the delicious cakes in Dubai, you need to search for these amazing bakery stores that can offer you a wide range of yummy cakes.

Sugarmoo’s Redvelvet Cake

Sugaholic Bakeshop– One of the specialities of this wonderful bakery store is that customers can easily get their desired cake flavour in a seamless manner. People can gorge on their special Flakes Cake that is known for its soft, moist and yummy taste. If you are planning to celebrate the special occasion of your loved ones in a sweet way, you can place easily online cake order in Dubai, UAE that come with an unforgettable taste and flavours.

Sugarmoo Desserts- Cake lovers need to try out this delectable Sugarmoo’s Redvelvet Cake that is loaded with the chunks of Oreo in the chocolate cream cheese icing for a unique flavour. The cake comes with the liberal dose of icing and frosting between each layer to give you a soft and spongy taste. Similarly, they offer a wonderful chocolate cake that is loaded with the crazy amount of frosting between each layer. The cake is very soft, moist, lighter and is not too sweet which makes it a real treat for any sweet lovers. You would not find such a distinct taste at any other cake store in Dubai and it will leave an indelible imprint on your taste buds.

The Coffee Club Middle East- If you want to explore the rich taste of a Gold Chocolate Fudge Cake, you need to visit this bakery store. The cake has a rich, creamy and a fudge like texture that is sure to delight anyone with a sweet tooth. This extraordinary cake is available upon request only and needs to be pre ordered to enjoy its yummy taste. It has the magnificent look and taste that makes it highly popular among people.

Sukar House of Desserts- Want to try out something unique and different? It is time to enjoy the yummy taste of Kunafa Cheesecake from Sukar. The wonderful cake comes with a sugar syrup that has to be poured on every slice of the cake to offer a unique taste and flavour. If you are thinking about offering something different to your dear ones, it is imperative to send any of the desired flavours of the cakes to Dubai through this bakery store.       

Magnolia Bakery- Whether you love the Devil’s Chocolate Cake, Red Velvet with Vanilla Cream or the Lotus Cheesecake, this Magnolia bakery is the perfect destination for you.

So, give yourself a perfect sweet treat by paying the visit to any of these bakery stores that can offer you an unbelievable taste that is hard to be found at any other cake store in Dubai.

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