Five Reasons Why the Town of Wanaka is NZ’s Winter Wonderland

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As we all know, the summer heat can sometimes be a bit too much, leaving us to crave the cool winter days again. Luckily, New Zealand has their winter in July, which means a visit this gorgeous and remote country will give you cool days and amazing ski holidays while getting away from the summer heat. Wanaka is a must-see destination and one that offers the best winter holidays for everyone to enjoy. Here are five reasons why this gorgeous town is New Zealand’s winter wonderland.

Town of Wanaka is NZ’s Winter Wonderland

  1. The Skiing and Snowboarding. The Wanaka ski fields are what make this location – and there are so many to choose from! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran of the mountains, there are slopes and courses for you to enjoy – and the same goes for snowboarding. The resorts are well-maintained and comfortable, providing you with a place to relax when not hitting the slopes. And you won’t find yourself short of instructors that are ready and willing to help you perfect the sport. Once winter hits, this region truly becomes a snow sports haven.
  1. The Dogsledding. Why not take a break from the norm and go on a whole new kind of adventure? Wanaka offers fantastic dogsledding experiences that will allow you to explore the vast stretches of snow covered lands that surround this picturesque town. It’s a truly amazing experience as a team of dogs pull you effortlessly across the snow. Additionally, you can also give snowshoeing a try, and both activities are a whole load of fun for the entire family.
  1. The Scenic Views. One of the best ways to explore both the region and the Southern Alps is by helicopter. This mode of transportation allows you to take everything in like no other way could! You can land on clear snow or a glacier before enjoying an exclusive tour of remote and hidden locations that no one else could access on foot. You can also witness the vast beauty by enjoying one of many long and exciting walks, as we mention later on.
  1. The Food and Drink. What’s a holiday of any kind without good food and drink? When you aren’t enjoying the snow, you might want to spend some time sampling local restaurants and cafes, as these have some of the best treats in the country on offer. There are so many different flavors and dishes to choose from that these winter warmers will leave you spoilt for choice. Plus, when it comes to tasting wine, you should remember that pinot noir is the region’s signature grape.
  1. The Long Walks. There are so many fantastic hikes in this region, especially when it comes to trekking across the peak and ridgeline of Ohau – one of the tallest and best slopes in the area. Much like with the helicopter rides, your Wanaka hikes will leave you witnessing feats of nature that few others are able to, and it really gives you the time to reconnect with nature.

To Conclude. With these five points, you should have a great idea of what to do when you visit this stunning town, as there really is something for everyone here. Whether you want to take advantage of the slopes, or want to sample some fantastic local cuisine, you are sure to fall in love with the area and never want to leave. We know that Wanaka is going to capture your heart, and you’ll be coming back for years to come!