Grain of the Silos for Top Quality Foods

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Grain of the Silos is located in a patch of Tassie and brims with great foods and a lot of caring people.  Here, you can get pork from Fiona, cheddar from Jon and Lyndall and lots more.  Marcus hops grow Will and batches of butter pick truffles are whipped up by Olivia. They all make the place great and open to all who need a good taste of great foods.

Grain of the Silos for Top Quality Foods

They work as a family to make the place unique and functional. They are closely connected and work hard to keep the place alive. Together, they raise, plant, prepare and preserve their wares, which can speak volumes.  They have great stores at Saturday’s Harvest Market, and you can pay a visit to have an experience of what they have to offer.

If you want the real taste of Hotel Tasmania, then this is the best place to start your experience.  You can find several brands of wine here that contain tried and tested local tipples like spritzy Riesling and cool-climate Pinot Noir.  You can also start your delicious time with just a glass of tamar Valley fizz.  They offer you the real taste of Tasmania to give you a unique experience at all times.

Great menu

At Grain of the silos, you can get cheese from Bruny and beef from Cape Grim and several other delicious foods. The island has several seasonal treasures and perennial favorites. Some of the snacks available at the restaurant are:

  • Pulled pork croquettes
  • Raw salmon, ginger, spring onion and wasabi leaf
  • Oyster and mignonette dressing

You can also access any of the following starters:

  • Grilled octopus, fried capers, potato, salsa verde
  • Warm quail salad, almonds, pine nuts, currants, fennel
  • Local cured meats, cheese, pickles
  • Mussels, white garlic wine, chorizo, capsicum
  • Salt baked carrots, radicchio, walnuts, goat curd
  • Chicken liver pate, crusty bread, rhubarb

Main courses are:

  • Slow roasted lamb shoulder, chicory, hazelnuts, celeriac, pearl barley
  • Market fish
  • Red wine sauce, pancetta, lentils, braised greens, crispy ocean trout
  • Potato gnocchi, fresh truffle, burnt butter, mushroom

Aside from the above, you can also get sides, the grill, deserts and so on.


The island is open to the general public. They have organized several events, and the general public is welcome. Every Friday, you can visit the Silo Hotel precinct. The lounge can provide marquee, bar, restaurant and lounge can accommodate up to 1000 guests at once for celebrating the journey of the old Kings Wharf grain silos.


Grain of the silos offer some of the best food products you can ever come by, and they always throw their doors open to members of the public. You can visit their platform to know more about them, their next events and how to book a table.