How to Book the Best and Most Luxurious Hotels When Traveling

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As the great Cole Porter once put it, “There’s No Cure Like Travel!” You’ve worked hard, you’ve put in your time while on the job, you’ve scrimped and saved, and now you’re ready to take that vacation to Paris or New York or Mumbai or Beijing or wherever else your heart may take you.

And, of course, once you get there, you’ll need a place to say.

Hotel shopping has always been a critical part of the travel industry. With the rise of online comparison sites, it’s easier than ever to compare different hotels or even entire hotel chains against one another and see which are the best fit for your particular travel plans. Still, the question remains: what can (and should) you expect from a quality hotel room these days?

Cleanliness and Luxury

Naturally, the first thing you should expect from any hotel is that it lives up to your standards of being clean and well-kept. You’ll want to check online ratings to make sure that the hotels you are considering meet this criterion – you don’t want to “share” your hotel room with bed bugs, after all!

COMO Hotels

Beyond this basic criterion are more complex ideals of what “luxury” means. What type of hotel rooms seem luxurious to you? Are you in the mood for rooms which are lavishly decorated, with lush colouring, plush queen-size beds, and indeed a whole feeling of being fit for royalty? Or perhaps you’re looking for something with a bit more of a rustic flavour to it?

There are many different hotel chains out there, and the best, like COMO Hotels, work to provide a type of luxury which is second to none. Booking a room with a hotel you trust is the first step to ensuring that your vacation is as luxurious as you plan – and, indeed, deserve!

Size Matters

Whatever else may be said about the state of your hotel, this much is for certain – you don’t want to spend your trip stuck in a matchbox-sized room! That’s why the best hotels offer spacious rooms, which not only boast bright airy décor, but likewise enough space, great amenities, and other generous accommodations to ensure that you travel in comfort as well as style.

Location, Location, Location

And then of course there’s the big question, the Golden Rule of real estate – “Location, location, location!” Where is your hotel located? If you’re traveling to a city, you’ll want to look for hotels which are located near key transit as well as entertainment areas of the city. If you’re traveling to a more rural or tropical area, you’ll want a hotel which takes advantage of that natural beauty while simultaneously being close enough to civilisation to let you take in a night on the town should that suit your fancy.

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