How to Make Cheap International Calls

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One of the most frustrating times of my recent trip abroad happened as soon as I landed at the airport.  I was unable to connect with my host, because I didn’t have a SIM card to make calls.  I was told it would be easy to get a SIM from any airport kiosk or from a local shop.  Then I realized I didn’t have my phone because I had left it in my carryon bag.     It had started off with me, but just before boarding started, the flight attendant asked for volunteers to check their carryon luggage.  I was so eager to take advantage of the free perk, I totally forgot to remove my phone and earplugs from my bag before they took it away.  So not only did I have to endure a long flight without my Kindle reading device on my phone, imagine my frustration when I learned there had been a mix-up and my bags had been left on the plane when I got off in London.  I felt as though I had lost a limb!

How to Make Cheap International Calls

Fortunately, I had an international Vonage account and within a few inquiries, I signed into my account and make a quick call.  It was one more reason I was so glad I had signed up for Vonage phone service.  I had nearly forgotten about the account, because when I signed up, it was so cheap, I paid for five years upfront.  I still had two and a half years’ worth of service left on my contract.   Now I tell everyone about Vonage and how it saved my hide that day.  I continued to make calls to keep tabs on my family, and to make sure I was available when my luggage was finally delivered the next day.

You never know how a Vonage account will come in handy for you, but when you decide to sign up, search Groupon first so you can save additional money when you open your account and enter a coupon code at checkout.  Vonage offers a variety of plans that are good state side and internationally because if you can access high speed internet, you can make a call.

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