Improve Your Prospects in a Difficult Job Market

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Economic times are difficult. Although the world has mostly recovered from the most recent great recession, job prospects can still be slim. Obviously, the availability of jobs and compensation depend on your field, experience, and location. Still there are many ways to improve your odds of landing your dream job. 

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Having a high-quality CV or resume is likely to be critical in getting a great job. You undoubtedly updated your information to be ready for your job search. Unfortunately, people often fail to put their work experience and accomplishments in enough of a positive light. Be sure you are highlighting your most notable accomplishments and responsibilities with each position. Quantify your successes whenever possible and make sure they tie into the job your applying for as much as possible. Keep in mind that your cover letter and CV should be customized for each job application to make sure it is focused on the proper skills and achievements.

International Options

Don’t limit your job search simply to local organizations. Unless family commitments prohibit you from moving, consider opening up your job search as much as possible. Certain fields are particularly centralized in particular cities or countries. Finding a position in an area where your field is one of the key industries will broaden your horizons and options for other positions in the future. Working in the hub of your industry will also look better on your CV in the future.

To narrow your search, you can check the requirements for work visas in the countries you are considering. Programs like the UK skilled migrant visa provide opportunities for local employers to sponsor skilled workers. By determining you meet the requirements for a UK skilled migrant visa or similar program, you can reassure potential employers. If there is a region where you’d love to work but you are having difficulty attracting employers, consider attending an educational program there or industry workshop. That can give you a chance to become familiar with the area, establish yourself in the area, and develop local contacts. You can hopefully parley this into a sponsorship and fulltime job. 

Online Visibility

It would be difficult to overstate the importance of having a good online presence. Potential employers will likely check for an updated (and impressive) profile on LinkedIn. Having your own website or blog site with content that demonstrates your abilities can also be very important. Remember that potential employers probably won’t stop there. They are likely to search for on social media posts you’ve made. Before your job search take a close look at your online privacy settings. It is best to assume that anything you post online will be found by your potential employers (or at least their background searchers). Now is the time to delete pictures of you intoxicated, acting in a less than work-appropriate way. Remove any comments or shares of questionable taste so that you won’t risk offending potential employers or appearing like a security risk.