Jonah Engler – Safety Precautions to Take In New York!

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New York is one of the most widely popular tourist destinations in the world. However, if it is known for its vibrant city life, it is famous for its share of crimes as well. There are many instances where people have fallen prey to fraud and scam here. Some have been cheated so badly that they often think twice before going to New York. Now, though the above does seem scary, this does not mean that you should stop traveling to the city. All you need to do is be street smart and keep in mind some safety precautions while in New York.

Jonah Engler- an insight into New York

Jonah Engler is an experienced investment professional in New York and he says that when you travel to this city it is prudent for you to be informed beforehand. Read up on credible sources online. You may also refer to Wikipedia links to get information about the city and how to avoid the crime areas. Most old timers will state that New York is a place for crime and is very dangerous. However, recent studies and investigation by The Federal Bureau of Investigation or the FBI says that New York has recently seen a decrease in crime rates. A 2012 report in Forbes states that Big Apple is one of the safest cities in the USA with the lowest rates of crime. Post 9/11 security has been beefed up at major landmarks and visitors have been requested to take several precautions when they are traveling in the city as tourists. They are advised to safeguard their valuables and money. They should beware of scammers and other panhandlers. Travelers should always stay in well-lit areas and they should be aware of their surroundings.

Bronx is now well-lit

These days you will find that New York is well-lit even during the night. Badly reputed areas like Bronx have lights and they pose very little threats to people that are walking during the neighborhood in the night. If you are a first- time visitor to the city, make sure to check out the crime maps released by the government in order to be safe and protected from scammers. Sticking to well-lit paths is the need of the day, he says.

Where are the safe places in New York?

If you are looking for safe places in New York, Manhattan is a good place for you to stay in. Times Square is a place that is popular with tourists and so you will not face any threats here.

Jonah Engler says that when you are traveling in New York, it is prudent for you to avoid the areas of Central Park and Harlem in the night. They are filled with street scams and scammers. They will tempt you to buy all sorts of things in the area. Do not fall into their traps. There are criminals waiting to cheat you all the time. Stay away from these areas in the night. If you still wish to explore them go in the day!