Kombucha Tea Helps Reduce Visits to the Doctor

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Kombucha Tea Helps Reduce Visits to the Doctor

Probiotics are becoming popular worldwide all over again. Kombucha tea, one of the famous probiotic drinks, believed to have originated in Japan or China, is a slightly alcoholic green tea which is fermented and somewhat effervescent. It is known for its many health benefits and has been consumed for centuries.

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So many Health Benefits

There was a time when the pleasant tastingKombucha tea was only found in health stores but if you look carefully, you might find it in your local grocery store. Many people prefer to make their own, and with a Kombucha starter kit, you can have a super beverage known for its antiviral, anticancer and antibacterial effects. Drinks like this are a wonderful source of many phytonutrients and fibre and in a quick easy-to-use form.

Probiotics – a super Immune Enhancing Food

Another notable fact with this tea is that it is rich in probiotics, found in a healthy gut, and antioxidants. This means that this probiotic drink can help fight a number of diseases. Poor nutritional choices have weakened the body’s ability to attack and destroy disease-causing bacteria and parasites. Probiotics enhance immunity to these diseases.

Kombucha teas come with a number of health benefits based on scientific evidence. The tea is made by adding certain strains of bacteria, sugar and yeast to green tea and then letting it ferment for a few days.

The result of the fermentation process is this pleasant drink which is fortified with probiotics and healthy organic acids. During the process, yeast and bacteria form a mushroom type film on the surface of the liquid. The fermentation process produces acetic acid which is useful as it kills many potentially harmful micro-organisms.

Health is priceless and probiotics such as this isn’t known as the Immortal Health Elixir by the Chinese for nothing. It’s health benefits don’t only extend to the gut, but to the heart and brain too.

Your Soda Substitute

Some people find that this tea is so refreshing that they make it a healthier substitute for those sugary sodas. Examine the amount of sugar in these drinks and you will likely be very surprised. The slight effervescent tea also satisfies that longing for a fizzy drink.

Seriously, nobody should be without this tea, and every travel bag or backpack should have it once you discover the amazing difference it can make to your health.

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