London Serviced Apartments Are The Perfect Family Getaway Option

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Family holidays in the beautiful city of London are a wonderful way to spend quality time together. Hotels are not really a good accommodation choice for families, especially when children are with you. Small children can be quite noisy, which may lead to disrupting other guests at the hotel. Furthermore, staying in a hotel means booking different rooms if a family consists of more than 3 members and this becomes an obstacle when it comes to fun for everyone. This is where the appeal of well-furnished London serviced apartments in Mayfair make them the go-to accommodation choice.

London Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments are so spacious that they are great for families of all sizes. You can choose from an array of one, two and three bedroom apartments to fit your individual needs. Unlike in a hotel where you have to stay crammed in one single room, self-catering flats feature separate space for sleeping, living and dining. These apartments offer individual members of the family their own space to relax and rejuvenate.

Another fabulous advantage of staying in a serviced apartment is the fact that they come with a fully-equipped kitchen. Since London is not exactly an affordable holiday destination, families can really save some money by having the freedom to cook their own meals. It is also a boon for families having children who are fussy eaters or have specific dietary requirements.

Boutique luxury serviced apartments offer the perfect balance between a hotel and a home. These flats come with all the comforts of a home, such as plush beds and sofas, LCD TV, Free Wi-Fi, ensuite bathrooms and music systems, along with the perks of living in a hotel. From housekeeping services to concierge services and security, guests can revel in 5-star services that they are usually used to when on a holiday.

Travelling with the entire family can be very challenging, but with the proper accommodation, it can be turned into an experience worth remembering. London serviced apartments in Mayfair go above and beyond to provide guests all the amenities and facilities that they need to thoroughly enjoy their holiday adventures.

The best part about renting an apartment when in London is the cost. The rental rates of serviced apartments are generally lower than hotels, but with a lot more space, freedom, flexibility and privacy. Renting apartments has become the preferred family getaway option.

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