Mexico: Sea, Sand and Sky

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Found between United States and Central America, Mexico is often linked to beaches, landscapes, jungles, mountains and deserts. Having a rich history for being the home of the Mayan Empire, this country smells of palm-fringed beaches, chilli-spiced cuisine, teeming cities, lush jungles and never-stopping fun. In other words, Mexico lives up to the expectations of vivid dreams.

Mexico: Sea, Sand and Sky

Historical Escape

Some of the world’s greatest monuments were built during Mexico’s pre-Hispanic era. These involves the ancient civilisations which made monuments like Teotihuacán’s towering pyramids and the exquisite Maya temples of Palenque, stand tall. You can discover more about the Mayan history of Mexico on the reels of Mayan Riches Slot. Available to play at the best online casino– Aspers, this online slot brings you to the wild forest to discover the artefacts and natives of the Mayan Tribe as symbols on the reels. Packed with free spins and stacked wilds, you might as well come back with the riches of the Mayan.

Moreover, the Spanish colonial era brought beautiful cities full of trees, and stone churches. The new and modern era of Mexico gave rise to important and influential figures like Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Mexico’s museums tell tales of the country’s history and its endless creative aspect. Plus, popular culture is just as vibrant with street art and underground dance clubs in Mexico City. And, the wonderful handicrafts of the locals only add to the charm of Mexico.

Invigorating Outdoors

Mexico brings an endless adventurous flair for the senses as it is a place where life is lived in the open. The steaming jungles, cactus-filled deserts, snow-capped volcanoes, wildlife-rich lagoons and 10,000km of sandy beaches, only makes this country an even better one. Explore the beauty of the waters on a surfboard or strapped on a snorkel, by reaching below the surface of the Caribbean Sea.

Or go with the tamed waters of Mexico’s rivers. If you prefer, you can stay dry on land by hiking up the Oaxaca mountains to reach the cloud forests. Try another life experience by scaling the peaks of the dormant volcanoes or smile as you watch the Monarch butterflies migrating.

Different Flavours

The gastronomic aspect of Mexico is as wide as the country. Even dining out becomes an adventure as the country put forwards different local dishes, which will please anyone’s taste buds. The regional dishes to try are Yucatán’s cochinitapibil (slow cooked pork) or an array of delicious moles (distinctive sauces) in either Puebla or Oaxaca.

 Go further into the Mexican food culture by trying the menus of world-class chefs in Mexico City. Want to go for the best? Go for food at a simple seafront palapa restaurant – it breathes authenticity- to try fresh seafood and taquerías. And, don’t forget the tortillas, the home food of Mexico.

If you’ve been wanting to visit Mexico but have always found excuses not to. . . you now know why you should give it a try! These words only speak of Mexico, the real beauty of the country lies in the eyes of the visitors.