Northampton Sailability Set To Make Disability Plain Sailing

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The Northampton sailing club association will be out in action at the renowned Roadrunner Festival, which would be held on 16th September in Abington Park. On 15th September, they would set their annual sailing for Gold Regatta in the honor of the 2012 Olympics. Anyone who is keen to know in depth about the event can take part by watching the sailing and get a fair idea on what sailability is all about. They can also stay on for BBQ post the event.

Northampton sailing club

Sailability provides people of all abilities a great opportunity to discover both mental and physical freedom which one can get being on the water. When you are active in the waters, it boosts your confidence as individuals adapt to new skills and also gives freedom that most people don’t have on the land. It also opens doors to make new friends and enjoy social life, especially for those suffering from chronic depression due to loneliness.
This feeling is majorly seen in disabled people, and is being launched with a project in Montenegro, setting sail from Kotor.
Approximately 25 to 30 people get on the water regularly at Northampton Sailability session. The club provides a wide collection of special boats to ensure easy sailing for people. There are a series of activities that interests people taking part in the event from joy rides to competitive races and much more.
Roy Child, the Chair of Northampton Sailability said sailing is much more advanced than just a sport. When you are on the water, it is a high leveled feeling for everyone which includes disabled people too. The management makes it as simple as it can to people with all levels of disability to take part in sailing.

The Northampton Sailability continues to reach great heights. There are a whole lot of inclusions such as store room which is purpose-built. In addition, an extensive collection of kit for individuals to use has also been set up. The club has encouraged over 60,000 disabled individuals to experience sailing as on date.