Our healthy and gourmet recipes

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Want to prepare good dishes with healthy ingredients for your body? Discover our healthy recipes!

One of the great trends of the moment is “healthy food” . But what does this word mean?

Eating “healthy” or eating “healthy”, consists in preparing dishes good for health , shape and stroke for morale. Each ingredient that makes up the recipe is carefully chosen to bring all the vitamins that the body needs but without excess. For example, fish (such as salmon or cod ) will be preferred to red meat. The iron-rich ingredients will be our allies, as well as all preparations made from vegetables or fresh fruit . In winter, think of soups , and to refresh yourself and boost you choose a good smoothie that will bring you a whole bunch of vitamins.

The trick: to add flavor, think of adding spices (ginger, curry, paprika, nutmeg …)

And especially, we opt for fresh products  ! No question of succumbing to the temptation of dishes already prepared, the “healthy attitude” is 100% homemade . With some easy recipes in mind, your lunch and dinner are already done …

Good advice: according to the seasons, vary the pleasures and adapt the recipes according to the fruits and vegetables that you will find in the markets. And do not be afraid to try recipes with forgotten vegetables  !

So, ready to adopt the “healthy attitude”? Pick up our healthy and gourmet recipes !

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