Pet Care Tips For Long Road Trips

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Each year thousands of travelers take to the road in search of adventure, sights, and thrilling activities. Motorhome travel has evolved into a family hobby, with entire households often along for the journey. As RVs have become more spacious and RV parks have grown to be comfortable and well-located, with locations in nearly every major region of every country, more and more travelers have been taking their pets out with them on their adventures. After all, pets are part of the family too and fully deserve their place in your motorhome hire when you pull out on your journey. Of course there are some care duties that need to take place, and as long as you have these firmly in mind when you hit the road your trip with your pet should be no problem. 

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Use Pet Friendly RV Parks

There are an incredible range of parks that not only allow pets as part of their policies but also fully welcome them. Many of these parks have grooming stations, dog parks, and other comforts that will certainly come in handy for anyone who is on a long journey with their pet. When you do your research and make sure you’ve only booked these types of per friendly parks, you can be assured that both you and your pet will be comfortable after your long drive and upon reaching your destination. It’s also useful to choose parks that are located near hiking trails, lakes, and other activities that your dog can accompany you on. Choosing the right parks will often be what determines the overall enjoyment of your trip when traveling with pets. 

Bathroom Breaks

Just like the driver might need a bathroom break from time to time on the road, keep in mind that your pet can use one as well. Unlike the driver, your pet can’t speak for themselves so it will pay to be aware of your pet’s needs and make sure to stop frequently so they can hop out and do what they need to do. It’s all about timing when it comes to these breaks. Of course you know your pet well and can most likely determine the correct intervals, and make sure to get the timing right before you set out and stick to your schedule throughout the trip. Your pet will certainly appreciate it, and this will go a long way toward making any motorhome hire trip with pets more comfortable and enjoyable for all. 

Walk Breaks

Just like you may want to get out and stretch your legs from time to time on a long road trip, your pet also has this need. So why not kill two birds with one stone and schedule in some walk breaks along the way. Of course these don’t have to be long excursions. They can just be five or ten minutes. Whatever the case, make sure to get you and your pet out of the motorhome at regular intervals so you can both stretch your legs on a short stroll. Also, if you wanted to schedule in a short hike in the middle of the trip, for example if there is some terrain you wanted to check out along the way, then this would be a great way to break up the monotony of a long drive and stretching out your sore legs, and your pet’s.

Basic Grooming

Just like travelers are advised to keep fresh during a long road excursion, your pets should also undergo some basic grooming on any road trip. This includes nail trimming, washing, and all the other steps that you take at home. One great way to get around the bathing issues is to allow your dog to swim whenever possible. Stopping off at lakes and streams for a quick dip will really help. Also if you choose dog friendly RV parks, many of these will have grooming stations where you can give your pet a rinse down after a long journey. Many travelers pack along small grooming kits that don’t take up too much space and contain all the items necessary to maintain the grooming and cleanliness of your pet on the road.

There are many advantages to traveling with pets. They are great companions and love the joys of the open road just as much as you do. All you have to do is keep them fed, comfortable, and groomed and they will have just as good a time on the motorhome hire trip as you will. As long as you make sure to book pet friendly RV parks, pack along the necessary grooming items, and take frequent bathroom and walk breaks, you will be sure to have a pleasurable experience traveling with your pet out on the open road, enjoying all of the sights and activities you have in mind.