Planning the Perfect Family Holiday to Tuscany

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Tuscany attracts tourists from around the world for its beautiful landscapes, historic charm and vibrant culture. But visiting the region famous for wine in northeast Italy isn’t just for sophisticated travellers and tourists. Thousands of families travel here each year to experience and fully appreciate the environment. Parents can either choose from one of the villas in Tuscany or spend their time at the resorts. Whatever you decide, having a family holiday to Tuscany is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Before You Travel to Tuscany

Before you even consider taking a vacation to Tuscany, it’s crucial that you do the due diligence and plan the trip. There are so many different things to see and do here ranging from cultural activities to sightseeing. Without spending at least a few days consulting the guidebooks and reading up online, you run the risk of missing out. This applies to those looking to explore more of the region by renting a car or relying on the trains as well as the tourists planning to spend all their time in one destination.

Planning the Perfect Family Holiday to Tuscany

Parents need to prioritise on their children’s interests over their own, which needs to be taken into consideration before booking the trip. While you might want to spend your time enjoying the masterpiece’s in the art galleries of Florence or trying to snap the perfect selfie next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, your children probably won’t. Depending on the age of your children, it might be a good idea to try to involve them in the planning stage. Older kids and teens might appreciate the chance to help choose where to go. Maybe you want to buy a guidebook or find a selection of photos online. If the kids help to plan the trip and their best interests are kept in mind, everyone is much more likely to have a better time.

Deciding When and Where to Visit

The best time to visit Tuscany is probably in April and May or September and early October. This time corresponds with late spring and early autumn. Expect pleasant weather with clear skies and sunshine and warm air temperatures. Come in the summer, and it might be too hot for the children to enjoy themselves. Winter can see freezing weather on some days.

The number one destination in Tuscany is Florence. While the city is steeped in history and culture, the little ones might not be too enthusiastic about being dragged around all day. Instead, why not make it a bit more fun by joining a Segway Tour. The whole family can enjoy their time as a guide whisks you around all the must-see attractions.

Another way to get out and experience nature is to head to the Chianti Vineyards in Siena. The most popular way to explore is on foot. Now, this might not sound like a perfect experience for the family, but with careful planning and the right guide, it can be a fun and educational experience. Families who like to spend their time on the beach can head to the Tuscan Coast. Few people know that the region boasts an impressive 250 kilometres of shoreline and a handful of islands. If you’re visiting when the weather is warmer, why not head to the beach for a few days.

Things Every Family Should Do in Tuscany

Given the vast history and culture that resonated from Tuscany, parents should embrace the opportunity to teach their children. This might be by walking through Florence and giving the children a treasure map to spot the attractions or visiting some of the more interactive and child-friendly museums. Europe’s Renaissance began here, and parents need to capitalise on this opportunity for a hands-on field trip. If you search online, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a list of guides who specialise in giving tours to families. This way you can be assured that the children will be in a prime location to learn about this fascinating part of the world.

Another unique experience parents need to consider in Tuscany is to rent a bicycle and go cycling. There are several places with long clear lanes passing through incredible scenery. The best way to experience this first-hand is on the saddle. And what can be a better way to encourage the little ones to get a bit of exercise than cycling through some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet?

Essential Things to Know About Tuscany

While Tuscany might seem like one of the most beautiful places in the world to travel with your family, it does come with a few potential challenges. Expect the costs to be sky-high in some parts and difficulties to get from one town to the next. There might also be a few scammers, like most major European cities, hanging around the touristy parts. And some like to engage with the children to get their parents attention. If you rent a car, expect the cost of parking to be exceptionally high and ambiguous as to where you can legally leave your vehicle. In the grand scheme of things, the above points are mere inconveniences. But they can quickly turn into stressful situations when you’re simultaneously trying to take care of the children.

The Perfect Place for a Family Holiday

Whether you want to explore the historical and cultural parts of Florence or go walking through the vineyards, Tuscany makes a great place to travel. Bring the kids and see for yourself how much of an excellent travel destination this region in northeast Italy really is.You won’t be disappointed.