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You may be visiting Hong Kong for the first time or not. It may be for a week, month or year. Duration of stay doesn’t really matter. You just do not feel like living in a hotel for a prolonged period. Neither do you want to get an apartment which will require you to furnish it even if you will be gone in a short time. Getting a short term Hong Kong serviced apartment for rent is your solution. Visit for your needs and you will not be disappointed.

Why you should choose Dash suites for your stay in Hong Kong

  • Rather than having a hotel atmosphere, you will feel at home. You do not want to stay in a hotel for 3 months while feeling like the visitor you were when you arrived. Dash Suites is here to make you feel like you belong. You have a home in Hong Kong.
  • We are centrally located close to all the amenities you may need during your stay. You can easily access food stores, restaurants, shopping Centers, transport services, entertainment venues and tourism adventures. Boredom is not a word you can associate with Dash Suites.
  • The apartments come fully furnished and serviced. You need not worry about cleaning and other services that you may think you will miss from hotels. We offer you 5-star treatment at the right price.
  • The apartment comes with additional facilities like a fully equipped gym, business center, Wifi and housekeeping.
  • Safety is of great concern for us. We therefore provide a 24hr surveillance and security. You and your property will be safe with us.
  • The kitchen is fully equipped. If you love cooking and hate terribly eating hotel food all the time, you will be able to cook a meal you enjoy at the comfort of your home away from home.
  • We offer you flexible lease terms.
  • We also have furnished apartments in the districts of Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui, Wan Chai and Jordan. If you have business in any of these districts, you have a home with us.

You will come to Hong Kong a visitor and leave feeling like it is home thanks to our fully furnished apartments. is your choice if you are looking to get a lease that will consider your needs and duration of stay hassle free.  When visiting a new town or country, our first concern is usually where we shall stay and how comfortable and convenient that lace will be. Dash suites eliminate all these worries. All you need to worry about is your work and how to enjoy yourself while with. You actually need not worry about entertainment; we can give some pointers based on your interests.