Sun Wah Restaurant – Enjoy the Modern Fusion Asian Cuisine!

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Looking for a restaurant that can provide you with a different Asian cuisine experience can be a challenge. There are restaurants to choose from along the Beach Road in Mordialloc Victoria, but Sun Wah Restaurant is one of the most famous names if you have the cravings for modern Asian fusion meals. If you are interested in tasting their award-winning fusion menu, here are the most important facts that you need to know first about this fantastic restaurant.

Sun Wah Restaurant - Enjoy the Modern Fusion Asian Cuisine!

Sun Wah Restaurant

This is a family owned and runs a restaurant, and they have been providing the best cuisines since the 1960s. Mordialloc has been their home, and they have been serving chop-sui to their customers where they would bring their pots and pans. Through the decades, Sun Wah has evolved into one of the most popular restaurants in Mordialloc. The past five years has been a business-changing experience for them since they have transformed from just offering the traditional Cantonese cuisine, and start incorporating modern fusion techniques making Sun Wah food unique.

Restaurateurs, Albert & Rowena now manage Sun Wah. They have the expertise in Asian cuisine and are devoted to Western and Chinese cooking. This is why the Sun Wah kitchen can produce the best Asian fusion dishes using the Eastern and Western food preparation traditions. Sun Wah is well recognized for their Asian Fusion dishes and has been awarded numerous times including the recent listings by the AGFG as part of their top 14 Chinese Restaurants in Australia.

The Sun Wah Secret

Many are wondering why the Sun Wah dishes are so unique. Like other restaurants, it all comes down to the ingredients that they are using. Sun Wah only uses fresh and seasonal produce that are of the highest quality. Their menu is created explicitly around the local, seasonal, and the sustainable ingredients that are sourced locally for them to be able to support the local businesses and farmers. Some of their producers include Otway Farms & Oceania Seafood, Hopkins River Farm, and so much more. Since Sun Wah is sourcing their ingredients locally, it requires less travel time, and these ingredients are better and fresher. These ingredients inspire the restaurant to create a menu that everyone would love to eat.

Sun Wah Menu

The restaurant has different menu options for you to choose from, perfect for everyone’s taste and preference. The Sun Wah Mordialloc takeaway menu is one of the most preferred for those who want to bring the taste of Sun Wah home and share it with the rest of their family. Aside from their take away menu they also have A La Carte, Let Us Feed You, Winter Special Menu, Wine, Degustation Menu, and the Gluten Free or Vegetarian Menu.

Order Sun Wah Online

The Sun Wah Mordialloc takeaway menu can also be ordered online, making it easy for their customers who have a very tight schedule. Just visit their website and access their takeaway menu. You can order takeaway pickup online on this page, or you can also order delivery with their in-house driver.