Tadoba Accommodation and Tiger Safari – Some Important FAQs

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Established in 1955, Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve has in recent years shot into the limelight due to numerous tiger sightings. However, most people do not have much of an idea about this fabulous tiger reserve and hence are hesitant to visit. Some important questions answered:

Where Is Tadoba Situated?

Tadoba lies 150 km to the south of Nagpur and thus is very conveniently located for visitors. You can take a flight to Nagpur and then drive down to the reserve; the journey takes around three hours. Chandrapur, the nearest railhead is just 35 km away from Moharli gate, which is the most preferred entry point. Even the Khutvanda gate and the Zari gate are just 43 km and 50 km distant.

Why Is the Park So Named?

According to legend, Tadoba was a chief of the local tribe who was killed by a tiger and thereafter worshipped as a God for his valor. The river Andhari runs through the dense sal and bamboo forests and is a valuable source of freshwater for both the villagers and the wildlife.

What Are the Principal Attractions of the Reserve?

Blessed with perhaps the highest tiger density, a tiger sighting is very easy indeed at Tadoba. The reserve also has other animals like leopards, sloth bears, wild dogs, hyenas, nilgai, and a large variety of deer, crocodiles as well as a large number of bird, insect and reptilian species. Nature lovers will also be amazed by the huge variety of vegetation as well as the sheer beauty of the topography of rolling meadows, sheer cliffs, natural water bodies, and dense forests.

Where Does One Stay?

All the Tadoba hotels and resorts are located in the proximity of the entry gates of which there are six each in the core zone and the buffer zone. Since the gates are quite distant from each other, it is vital that you stay near a gate where your safari is booked; otherwise, you will lose both time and money in unnecessary travel. You can find accommodation to suit every budget; however, advance bookings are a must.

What Is the Best Time to Visit?

The best is summer even though the intense heat can make it extremely uncomfortable. The trees lose their leaves and the underbrush dries up making it difficult for animals to hide. Also, all the animals can be found more easily around the waterholes, especially during the evenings. However, most tourists prefer the winter season from October to February as it is far more pleasant, though nighttime temperatures can really dip as low as 4-5°C. Tadoba is also one of the few parks that remain open during the monsoon though only some gates are open and there are restrictions on the number of vehicles permitted to enter.


For your Tadoba trip to be really enjoyable you should go with an open mind. Even if you don’t see a tiger, try and enjoy the rest of the attractions of which Tadoba has an immense variety.

Author Bio: Raj Chauhan is the general manager of a leading wildlife tour operator. A keen wildlife blogger Raj has covered all the leading Tadoba hotels and also consulted for the design of http://www.tigersheavenresort.co.in/.