The cinema suggests: The best holiday places

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It is not a bad idea to go on holiday where a movie you liked was filmed.How many times have you got ideas for traveling from a movie? Paris, Venice, Tibet, Bali and it goes on and on.

Jimbaran restaurant

Let’s have a look at the movies that made us want to pack our things and leave for the destination we are daydreaming in the office.

Paris – Midnight in Paris

I used to know that in Paris you meet small artists in different parts of the city, but dead poets / fiction of your imagination? That was really Woody Allen’s masterpiece. I know I am going to visit Paris too. And remember that I love and art and ghosts .

Istanbul – Turkish Cuisine

Can you tell me when is it not time to go to Istanbul? But in the summer you can have a timeless  and unique shopping time, walk between Saint Sofia and the Blue Mosque and stop for authentic food in a shop, stop for authentic Italian food further, stop for authentic political food next door . Just watch the movie again and get into the mood.

Greek Islands – All Hollywood movies

 With so many shootings made on the Greek islands, the suggestions are many. The best suggestions are: Mykonos, because Matt Damon at Bourne Identity has entered the unique shop of the island you wish to enter too. Santorini island because Angelina Jolie at Tomb Raider has confirmed  the  well-founded suspicion that there are hidden treasures on the island. It was predictable, but also adventurous. And anyway, sea = Greek islands. 

Notting Hill – Notting Hill

Can you find something interesting in the middle of a huge town? Of course, because there in Notting Hill that confines you that you can meet the very famous love of your life or a mad Englishman who wants to take you home as a pet. Let the coolness of the suburbs of London and the small shops in the area have another grace in the middle.

Venice – The Tourist

Have you ever dreamed of going to Venice and seducing a mysterious guy and eventually hunting the mafia? In Venice you will sure feel like Anjelina.

Provence, France – A Good Year

Cold sweat bathes me, because I feel that the film was written for me and for you that we are constantly working on. In French Provence, two things will happen to you. No 1. It will break your cell phone and you will be forced to enjoy nature. No. 2 Some native will want to meet you …

Florence – Hannibal

I’m a Democrat … If you have specific nutritional peculiarities, I will not even go to your plate, I hope. However,  Hannibal Cannibal knows why he hid everything  in Florence.

Tibet – 7 Years in Tibet

Are you bored from work and technology? Are you tired  by the world’s problems and want to be united?  Just follow Brad’s way.Because sometimes you need a break from your life. Just do not take 7 years for this break. 

Bali, Indonesia – Eat, Pray, Love

Proposal No. 2 for escaping  from everything. A key difference with Tibet, in Bali may be a Javier Bardem. Take your backpack and a camera and become a Julia Roberts without the bad scenario. Just look for Jimbaran restaurant and Javier.

Rio de Janeiro – Fast Five

The worst reason to break up to Brazil and Rio de Janeiro: robbing cars with racing cars. The best: all the rest. What you should not forget: Climb up to the statue of Jesus and go to the beach of Copacabana.