The Coolest Stag Do Games Ideas

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A best man makes history by planning a stag do to remember. Choosing the destination and the activities is only part of the game. You also need to offer the gang some memorable moments. This is what stag party games are for.

Spain Event

These ideas, by The Spain Event, include short pub drinking games, but also games to enable you to have a lot of fun through the whole event. Just take a look at our ideas, and pick the ones you’d like to try.

We Are All Toys

Before the weekend begins, everyone is handed a toy soldier. For the entire stag do party, the best man randomly shouts ‘assume the position’. Everyone needs to assume the position of their toy soldier. The last one to do it is the loser.

Shark Spotters

One of the guys is assigned the shark spotter role. This guy needs to pick random times to shout ‘shark attack’. Everyone has to drop to the floor as soon as they hear that. The last one to do it needs to have a drink. He will also assume the shark spotter role for the next round of the game.

New Accents

Everyone has to pick an accent and use it in their speech. Whenever someone forgets to use theirs, they are out of the game.

Where’s the Bride?

All stags have the entire weekend to search for girls with the same name as the bride to be. The ones who fail at finding one will be penalized by the group.

Know Your Movie Quotes

Start a conversation with a group of women, and try to use as many movie quotes as you can remember. The others shouldn’t notice you’ve used these quotes. The one who manages to drop in the most without being notices wins the game. He is entitled to nominate someone to do a forfeit.

Poses and Posers

The best man writes names of celebrities, animals or objects on tiny bits of paper, and then puts them in a bin or in a hat. Next, everyone draws a bit of paper at random and memorizes what’s written on it. Whenever the best man shouts ‘who are you?’, everyone has to assume the pose of their animal celebrity or object.

Boat Race

Split the team in two groups, and give everyone a glass of beer. The first person in each group drinks their beer. Everyone else has to wait for them to finish. As soon as he is done, the second one starts drinking. This goes on until the last member of the group finished his glass. The team that finishes first is the winner.

Pub Golf

You can turn your regular pub crawl into a pub golf. Here’s how to do it:

Each of the pubs you visit is a hole. Everyone has a drink inside the pub, and he counts the mouthful he needs to finish it. These results are written on scorecards. By the end of the night, you compare the results. The one who has the lowest number of mouthfuls is the winner.


You give everyone a coin, and instruct them to keep it in their hand. When the best man shouts ‘Knickers’, you open your fist and count the number of heads and tails. The players in the group with the biggest number of corresponding faces are safe. The others keep on playing the game until there’s only one of them left. This one is the loser. The punishment is to wear knickers over his clothes until you get to the next pub, where you start the game over.

Only Left-Hand Drinking Allowed

The rule of this game is that all stags should hold their drinks with their left hand. In case someone uses the right hand, he needs to down the drink.


Any of the stags can freeze at any time throughout the party. As the others notice, they have to freeze, too. The last one to do it is the loser.