The Many Benefits of Being Carless in London

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Modern society is undergoing many changes, and those who live in major cities like London are faced with rising living expenses, and with the cost of living generally higher than in other parts of the UK, urban dwellers are looking for ways to reduce their living costs. One cannot do without our home, obviously, but the car is certainly not a necessity in this day and age, and while it is nice to be able to just get up and go whenever the fancy takes you, owning a car is a major draw on the monthly salary. Before you dismiss the idea altogether, think about what you actually need the car for. It is likely that every journey could be complete by either taxi or the tube, and if you are going to be without a car, buying long term tickets on the London Underground will be a real money saver.

Massive Savings

Selling your car has two main advantages, with the first and most obvious being the large amount of money you will receive when the sale takes place, and while that is very welcome, the real benefit is the amount you will save every month, now that you no longer have to maintain that gas guzzler. Monthly savings could be as much as 25% of your net salary, and that’s understandable when you factor in the following:

  • Fuel costs
  • Servicing
  • Tax
  • Insurance
  • Repairs
  • Parking costs

Then, of course, if you bought the car on finance, selling it will allow you to clear the debt, and then you will no longer have that steep car payment to make every month.

Best of Both Worlds

For many drivers, the very thought of being without a car would be unthinkable, yet with affordable car hire for those occasions when only a car will do, you actually have the best of both worlds. If, for example, you wanted to take the family to the West Country for a long weekend, there is affordable MPV hire in London, and with the right type of vehicle the trip will be trouble free. The extra money you are saving every month more than covers the occasional vehicle hire, so you do not lose anything by selling your car, in fact, you benefit in many ways.

Improve your Health

Providing the distance is not excessive, cycling to work is a great idea, as it not only is cheap transportation, it also helps you to live a healthier lifestyle. You could introduce cycling to the whole family, and with you on your daily commute and the kids riding to school, your major transport needs are covered.

Let us not forget the London Underground, which will provide you with a quick and easy way to travel around the city, and with the odd taxi now and then, and a hired car on occasions, your life will not be affected by the sale of your car, and the savings will certainly be welcome.