The Whales You Can See in Sydney

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When you go to Australia, you have many different options for things you might be able to see. One of the most exciting tourist attractions for Australians and for other people around the world is whale watching. There are several different places you can watch whales; typically, you will go out in a boat with a tour guide. The guide will take you the specific places you can spot whales. There are specific times of year and specific places you need to be to see the whales, though. That’s why you should go out with experts who will make sure you have the best chance possible to see exciting whales.

Humpback Whales

The Whales You Can See in Sydney

Humpback whales are the most common type of whale you can see when you go to Sydney for whale watching. There are two distinct seasons for seeing humpback whales: northern migration and southern migration. The northern migration usually occurs from about mid-April to August. The humpback whales will spend a good portion of the year in the waters of Antarctica. Around mid-April, they will begin to head north to give birth and mate in a warmer climate. This migration is one of the best times to see the whales. As they are migrating, they will typically pass right by Australia. Specifically, they will pass right by Sydney, Australia.

If you can’t get to the coast between April and August, you might be able to see the southern migration. From about mid-August to December, the humpback whales begin to migrate south again. They’re headed back to the waters of Antarctica for the summer in the southern hemisphere. You can see many of them at that point.

Other Whales

There are many other types of whales that you might be able to see when you are whale watching. Humpback whales are the most common, but they are not the only whales you can watch. Southern right whales are some of the most common whales besides humpback whales. The southern right whale is a whale that tends to move closer to Sydney during the winter. Unlike humpback whales, they actually spend a lot of time in the bays. They can spend days at a time in the bays before moving on; they’re also much more active and easier to spot.

Dolphins are technically not whales, but they are very closely related to whales and are visible in Sydney year-round. You can see pods of dolphins swimming around from the shore or from a boat. Common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins are the most common types of dolphins you can see from Australia.

If you want to see any of these incredible animals, you should look for a tour company that offers whale and dolphin watching tours.