Three Reasons to Holiday in France

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There are more than just a few beautiful aspects of this country that make it the perfect place for you and nearly any companions to have a great time, explore new locations, and make memories worth bringing home and keeping forever. This is the opportunity of a lifetime, especially if it is the first time in your life to travel beyond the borders of your own country to explore some of the world around you. To determine whether France is the best place for your next holiday trip away from home, you need only look at a few of the many benefits and spectacular attractions that make France the best place to spend your time.

The Countryside

The French countryside is one of the most untouched and spectacularly beautiful in the world and it is famous for areas such as Les Trois Vallees (the Three Valleys) that are unparalleled in natural beauty. If you want to see the very most of this type of natural wonder, cycling in France is the perfect option because you have none of the impartial division of a car between you and the world around you. A cycling holiday will also grant you access to areas that a larger vehicle cannot visit so that you come home with photographs and new memories of a place that not many others may get to discover.

French Foods

There are more unique and interesting types of food here than nearly all over the world and whether you want to try something distinctly French in origin or something new, you will find it here. A good way to experience French cuisine is to try the many different staple foods that are served in the different regions as this will allow you to try some of the best food in the country with ease. Near the coast, the seafood is absolutely succulent and the dessert options are far superior to anything you will ever find simply at the shop in town, some of which are so unique and rich as to be an experience in and of themselves.

The Climate

During the summer months of the year, the temperature will slowly climb but stop short of reaching an unbearable height, making this the perfect place to escape the summer heat in other countries. The highest temperatures to be found at the peak summer months typically reach 30 degrees and this average will begin to slow down during the latter months of the year such as July and September. No matter when you visit the country, the weather will be simply spectacular, perfect for taking out your bike and exploring the country at your own pace while you take advantage of the many cycling tour options available.