Top 10 Most Visited Places In The World

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From the Eiffel Tower to Big Ben, via the Taj Mahal and Disneyland, there is at least one famous monument in every major city in the world. Three years ago, the American travel magazine Travel + Leisure published an article on the 50 most visited tourist sites in the world (Times Square, New York, arrived first). This year, the Lovehomeswap home exchange site decided to do the same to see if things had changed since the first ranking. Who is the big winner this year? Discover it through our gallery.

best tourist places in the USA

1. Nagashima Spa Land, Japan

Number of visitors per year: 5,850,000, Surrounded by a harbor, this complex is divided into four main areas: an amusement park, a spa, a shopping center and a floral garden. If you go there in winter, do not miss the splendid illuminations.

2. Palace Of Versailles, France

Number of visitors per year: 5,900,000, The castle built by the Sun King arrives in 49th position. Its magnificent architecture, its beautiful gardens and the numerous exhibitions organized there testify to its rich history. Particularly appreciated by tourists, the Galerie des Glaces remains one of the most emblematic pieces of the castle.

3. Universal Studios, Hollywood, United States

Number of visitors per year: 5 912 000, This theme park is home to some of the oldest and most illustrious movie studios. You can watch dinosaurs by boat with the Jurassic Park Rider Adventure attraction and learn how Hollywood films are made.

4. Bourbon Street, New Orleans, United States

Number of visitors per year: 6,017,500, The whole history of New Orleans is visible in this street, although it is still best known for its bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Bourbon Street hosts the Mardi Gras parade every year. Fortunately, it came out almost unscathed from Hurricane Katrina.

5. The Metropolitan Museum Of Art, New York, Usa

Number of visitors per year: 6,115,881, The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the largest museum in the United States. The permanent collections bring together over two million works from all ages and from all over the world.

6. The Lincoln Memorial, Washington Dc, Usa

Number of visitors per year: 6 191 361, Abraham Lincoln, often nicknamed “the savior of the Union,” is surely one of the most well-known American presidents. This building and the surrounding gardens are of great importance to some, including civil rights activists.

7. Universal Studios, Florida, United States

Number of visitors per year: 6 195 000, Film enthusiasts will be able to board the attractions dedicated to Transformers, The Simpsons, ET: the extraterrestrial and Shrek.

8. Lake Mead, Nevada, United States

Number of visitors per year: 6,285,439, This artificial lake was created by the Hoover Dam. Hiking, cycling, water sports and fishing are not missing. Enjoy the nightlife of Las Vegas, only a few miles away.