Top Private Island Honeymoon Destinations

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Drop off the grid by embarking on a fancy and beautiful adventure to one of these private island utopias.

When you think about private island resorts for honeymoon, you want it to be secluded, romantic and absolutely dreamy. There is no better way to celebrate your newly married bliss by checking into your very own island for a romantic getaway, which is designed to cater to every need and even your castaway fantasies.

private island resorts for honeymoon

This list for a private island honeymoon is perfect for various reasons. In the first place, you can be as sluggish as you need to be, without the scarcest trace of FOMO since each action is arranged while you relax. Second, there’s no worry about having to choose where to go to supper or how to explore another destination, every island is independent and frequently accompanied by a steward administration to take all the weight off your shoulders. Third, most private-island resorts offer a Robinson Crusoe-style escape, like a day trek to an uninhabited islet, where you’re dropped off with just an expedition lunch, swim equipment, and each other for company. We ensure you’ll recollect these sentimental, completely segregated vibes long after the honeymoon is over.

SonevaJani, Maldives:

It’s difficult to get a more remote destination than the Maldives, a 1,000-island heaven amidst the Indian Ocean. Furthermore, detachment is the essential fascination at this resort, where the greater part of the 25 estates is over water and encompassed by a beautiful blue tidal pond. Yet, you’ll never be exhausted. You will have your own steward orchestrate a dawn breakfast on a segregated stretch of sand; shoot down a 62-foot slide off the main complex, or your estate; or plan a “castaway” excursion, where you’re dropped on a significantly smaller uninhabited islet with relaxed seats, an outing lunch, and snorkel equipment. Around evening time, take in the heavenly bodies amid a stargazing supper, or simply arrange room service and view them through the retractable roof… right over your bed!

North Island, Seychelles:

In case you’re searching for extreme privacy, North Island is the best option for that.  There are just 11 estates, every one of which is an incredible 5,000 square feet, finished with a dive pool, eating structure, outside deck, and golf truck to investigate the island. You can likewise get around by bicycle, all the better to spot Aldabra Giant Tortoises and hear Seychelles White-Eyes singing from the treetops. Stop for mixed drinks at West Beach Bar or request a bottle from the top choices that are available in the resort’s wine basement. Be that as it may, before you go, enlist in a scuba-diving course so that you can take in another skill and look over diving locales for another submerged experience every day during your stay there.

Kamalame Cay, Bahamas:

This private island resort is extraordinary compared to other well-kept resorts in the Bahamas. The 20-year-old resort is fresh off a multimillion-dollar redesign and stays under the radar, unless you’re a performing artist or model. Take your pick from the 16 new manors, segregated along the north side of the island. Each is equipped with an outside shower and expensive linens that sashay in the sea breeze. Hang out on your private veranda which is shrouded in sprouting bougainvillea, and nibble on fresh heated treats hot from the kitchen. Indeed, you can get around in a golf truck, yet wouldn’t a watercraft be better? Get paddleboards or ocean kayaks, or obtain swimming apparatus and investigate the Andros Great Barrier Reef, the third biggest on the planet. All things considered, there’s no hurry; slowing down and unwinding is the general purpose of Kamalame Cay, which is the reason there are no TVs or WiFi in the rooms. So remain in bed, espresso and fruit baskets are conveyed to your room every morning, until the point when you’re coaxed away by the ocean. Or then again the tiki bar.

Above listed are some of the top private island resorts for honeymoon, so check it out and have a blissful vacation!