Tourism in the USA: Top 10 Destinations in France

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If our beautiful country France and its light city remain the world’s first tourist destination (cocorico!), The French are more and more attracted by the country of Uncle Sam. But where our compatriots stop when their journey in the USA? West Coast, East Coast? La Grosse Pomme and its nightlife, or rather La Cité des Anges and its palm trees? The Embassy of the United States in Paris and MyFrenchCity answer this question for you …

1. New York

Without much surprise, New York remains the city most frequented by French tourists . His Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and the night-time effervescence have never ceased to make us speak and nourish our desire to discover this cinematographic ideal so often represented. Wall Street, Times Square, hotdogs and other yellow cabs, continue to fuel the energy of this city that remains the center of attention.

2. Los Angeles

 It is the Hollywood Sign and the muscular men of Muscle Beach who take the second place in this ranking.

Los Angeles, its film industry and above all its favorable climate are part of our visual imagination, drawn over decades of films and series. Los Angeles unveils itself in several facets, which it is interesting to confront. Indeed, while some of the neighborhoods in LA, such as Beverly Hills, Silver Lake’s “hipster” district, its heady concerts and dodgeball tournaments in the street, relaxed Venice Beach, its canals and its beach.

3. San Francisco

Despite a surprising micro-climate with its local ”  fog” , San Francisco remains one of the favorite cities of the French abroad. And for good reason, the challenging pursuits on steep streets with Victorian houses, the mythical Alcatraz, the famous Golden Gate Bridge and the fact that the city is the hippie cradle of the United States , are all promises of visits that will leave more than a pantois. Besides these famous places, Chinatown or the Mission district, with its frescoes and abundant thrift stores, make San Francisco a city that is worth visiting and revisiting.

4. Miami

 There are also many fans of all kinds of clubs and Floridian extravagance among our compatriots. This is reflected in the number of French tourists who pack their bags in Miami. Between the festive atmosphere of South Beach, the Cuban atmosphere that is found all over the city and the alligators just a stone’s throw away, Miami is well and truly a city to have fun and enjoy the beach.

Neighborhoods such as Little Havana, where Calle Ocho is located, attracts more than a million visitors each year during its carnival and plunges the visitor into South America. The diversity of the “latino” dishes and dinners is worth the detour. Similarly, the Spring Break period is a great opportunity to party “American style” on Ocean Drive and on the beach among vacationing students.

5. Orlando

Another Floridian city that attracts a lot of French tourists each year: Orlando! This time, it is the activities that are proposed to make the city a tourist attraction: the huge park Disney World , but SeaWorld, Universal Studios , Legoland … Orlando has something to delight young and old parks lovers theme. Shopping enthusiasts will surely go to the Premium Outlets Orlando , which, with its 300 stores, is the largest open-air shopping mall in the southeastern United States.