Why Bali Is the Best Place for a Destination Wedding

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If you have a wedding one of the significant things that you will think of is a wedding dress. However, before you start thinking about your wedding dress, you should also think of the wedding destination. The location of your wedding is essential because it will determine whether you will enjoy and the people who are invited should feet at home. Today destination wedding has become popular, and many people are considering them for various reasons. That is why they have become popular today, and they are trending in the world of traveling. If you are thinking of a destination where you can make your wedding memorable and whereby your wedding will be remembered, it should be in Bali. Bali is a place that has been a great wedding destination for many couples because it is beautiful and there are a lot of attractive venues that you can hold a wedding. There are various reasons and great venues that and that are why you should consider Bali as a wedding destination. Read more about wedding in Bali to understand more things.

Locals will make it easy for the wedding

The Indonesian laws have made it easy and something straight when it comes to foreign couples having a wedding in Bali. If you are planning for a wedding destination in Bali and you are a foreign couple in Bali, you will be required only to prove that you belong to one of the five religions that have been approved. These religions include Islam, Catholics, Protestants, Hinduism and Buddhism and you should also show your legal documents for identification. The last thing that you are required to do is paying for administration marriage fee. These are straightforward procedures that are quick and simple hence when you choose to have your wedding here in Bali you will find it easy.

It is known for celebrity couple weddings

Bali has become known throughout the world because of hosting various weddings by celebrities are have been flocking the beautiful place. The various weddings that have had a wedding of their dream have also boosted the image of Bali, and that is why it has been rated as a top wedding destination. Various stars have tied the knot in Bali such as Jennifer Hawkins and partner Jake Wall. Another wedding was for Yang Mi and Hawick Lau who are celebrities from Asia who held their wedding in Bali. According to reports, there are also rumors that the Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher and MilasKunis have a place to have a destination wedding in Bali. Some of the beautiful places that you can hold your wedding include the following:

Morabito beach wedding

Morabito is found in Berawa Beach in Canggu, and this is on the west coast of Bali. It is a beautiful and unique Villa that would be the best place for a couple to have a destination wedding. It is found in the middle of a tropical park, a flowery-hectare and it faces the Indian Ocean directly. If you consider Morabito Art Villa, you will experience a pure relaxation, and you will see the wonderful nature which will make you feel refreshed and enjoy every step of your wedding day. It is a unique Beach House which is part of the Villa and has teak wood houses with various luxuries such as massage room, terrace on the beach, a bath stone outside and a bathroom shower. The architecture and the interior design is done by the jeweler based in France known as Pascal Morabito. It is, therefore, a perfect combination of both ancient works and contemporary work.

Bali Villa wedding

If you want to have a perfect wedding, you should consider Bali Villa wedding. You will be amazed by the events of your wedding that will take place in a location that is both magnificent and extraordinary. You can invite your friends and relatives you love most who can come and have the best experience with you. You will have the opportunity to view beautiful landscape and views in Bali that are breathtaking and that are why the magic island in Indonesia is known as the most sought-after destination throughout the world. There are also luxury villas that are located uniquely on the island yet the prices of holding a wedding here are cheaper compared to most places across the world. If you want to hold a successful, you should seek the help of The Seven Agency who will help you in designing the best and most elegant private villa wedding. The agency is made of a team of professionals who are passionate about weddings, and they have the experience and skills required to help you in organizing a wedding.

Chapel wedding in Bali

If you want the wedding to take place in a beautiful and classic chapel then are at the right place. You should consider chapels in Bali to hold your wedding. You can consult those who have considered their wedding to take place in a chapel in Bali and they will tell you that this is the best destination. If you can imagine the experience you will have, you won’t think of holding your wedding anywhere else apart from a Bali chapel wedding. You should think of holding a wedding, not around the home where you grew or the city where you are living now but you should consider a unique place that is far from your home and sacred grounds, a place known to many as a paradise because of the sweet experience and that is Bali. Nothing can beat such experience, and your wedding will be a wonderful one whereby there will be wedding bells and singing of hymns making it unique and different from other weddings held in different parts of the world. You will also enjoy wonderful services from The Seven Agency and experience the following benefits:

Experience and trust

The Seven Agency is composed of a team of wedding planners who have been serving couples for years hence they are experienced and will make your wedding a memorable event in Bali. They have qualified designers, photographers and DJs and if you hire their services, you can be sure they will make your event the best because they are committed to delivering the best and top quality services. They will help you when it comes to choosing the best wedding destination because they have a wide choice of wedding venues that you can choose.