Why Book a Golfing Trip in Bali?

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Bali is without a doubt one of the best golfing destinations in the world, it doesn’t just provide breath-taking courses, it boasts some awe-inspiring scenery, rich heritage and a mix of people who are amongst the friendliest in the world.It attracts a substantial number of golfers each year and you can easily see why.

Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider Bali for your next golfing trip.


Indonesia, and in particular Bali, has some incredible golf courses, they’ve been created by a number of top course designers who know exactly how to construct an enjoyable, yet challenging course. The island is surrounded by some of the most iconic landscape in South East Asia, and these features are in full view on some of the top courses in Bali. A substantial number of the golf courses on the island have been painstakingly built and developed by open champions and rider cup winners.

If you plan on taking a trip, why not check out Bali golf packages and see what is on offer. Although Bali is a small island, it boasts numerous high-class courses, it is described as an island paradise for golfers and this is immediately apparent once you arrive. When it comes to golfing destinations, there is nowhere quite like this stunning oasis.


Although there are some exceptional courses in countries like Ireland and the UK, the problem is you aren’t always guaranteed great weather. If you want to enjoy a weekend golfing trip in some of these countries, you must book during the summer months. In contrast, Bali golf tours can be done at almost any time of the year. The weather in the tiny island of Bali never gets cold, and even if you experience rain during your game, you’re guaranteed it’ll be warm.

There are also parts of the island which experience a cooler climate than other areas, this gives you the option of playing a different course if you plan on extending your trip. If you search Bali golf course online, you’ll find that some of the courses are situated in low lying areas and others are located in the highlands, so you can sample courses and play in a different environment.


You won’t be playing golf all the time, so you must find other ways to entertain yourself when you’ve finished your 18 holes for the day. If you’ve ever gone golfing in Balibefore, you’ll know that the island has some of the most incredible, idyllic beaches in the world. It not only contains pristine beaches, it is also rich in wildlife and the island is home to a huge variety of cultures and ancient traditions.

If you are thinking about where to plan your next golfing trip, think no further than Bali. It boasts some of the best courses in South East Asia, most designed by top professional golfers and major winners. It also has outstanding hotels and facilities for when you relax after a tough day on the course.