Why is Lake Tekapo So Popular?

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If you’ve never heard of Lake Tekapo, you’re one of the few. Lake Tekapo comes up in almost any conversation about New Zealand and it’s no wonder. As a primary vacation destination for many who travel in a campervan hire New Zealand, you may be wondering why it’s so popular and if you should consider visiting it, too.

Who doesn’t like time spent at a gorgeous lake? It’s a perfect place to relax and enjoy nature, so if you’re looking for outdoor beauty and lovely landscapes to admire, look no further than Lake Tekapo.

Why is Lake Tekapo so popular

While everyone has their preferences of places to visit and things to do, there are a few reasons why Lake Tekapo is a favorite location for many. To help you determine if it’s a place that you would like to make a priority for your vacation, the following reasons are just a few of why Lake Tekapo is a favorite:

  • It’s a beautiful place, no matter the season. If you want to spend some time in a gorgeous setting, Lake Tekapo is known for being one of the most beautiful destinations in New Zealand. Whether you visit in the summer or stay in the winter, it’s the perfect picturesque setting for any occasion. If you want a location for special photo opportunities, Lake Tekapo is the place for you. Whether you’re looking for the setting of your engagement photos or you just want to breathe in fresh air, rest assured Lake Tekapo will not disappoint.
  • Snow sports and activities are abundant in Lake Tekapo during the winter. When winter rolls around, Lake Tekapo comes alive. If you are a fan of all things snow-related, you’ll be sure to enjoy a visit to this are when the mountains are covered in snow and the landscape is white and beautiful. From snow tubing to skiing and even simply building snowmen, there is something for everyone to experience when it’s winter time in Lake Tekapo. Winter is gorgeous in Lake Tekapo with the clear water set against the mountains in the distance. If you’re a fan of travel photos, winter in Lake Tekapo is not only a fun experience, but one that will make you feel like you’re dreaming.
  • Go horseback riding in the mountains. Horse riding in the Mackenzie/Lake Tekapo area is fast becoming a popular thing to do and with good reason. The landscape in this area is gorgeous and will provide you with the perfect setting for an unforgettable experience. If you love horses and you love nature, this will be something that you won’t want to miss out on. You can go on a multiple-day trek or go out for a few hours to explore the area. Either way, you won’t soon forget “that time I went horseback riding in the mountains near Lake Tekapo.”
  • Go hiking through the mountain ranges. If you would rather see the mountains on your own two feet, go hiking through the mountains instead. You can be sure that the views of the lake and surrounding area will be spectacular. Make sure to bring your camera, but more importantly, everything you’ll need for survival on a multiple-day trek. Or, just go nearby for a few hours to catch a glimpse of New Zealand’s natural beauty.
  • Relax near the lake in the spring or summer. Who says that you need to adventure while on vacation in a campervan hire New Zealand? If you want, you can simply stay at lakeside lodging and enjoy the views of the mountains, lake, and flowers that bloom gorgeously in the spring. It’s a great place to disconnect from your city life and enjoy nature for a bit.
  • Have a romantic getaway with your sweetheart. If you are searching for the perfect setting for a romantic getaway with your honey, Lake Tekapo is one of New Zealand’s best destinations. From the gorgeous nature to the fun things to do, it’s a place that can make all your romantic dreams come true. From proposals to weddings and honeymoons, there is a reason why Lake Tekapo is popular for sweethearts.

If you’ve been considering a visit to Lake Tekapo, there is no reason to delay it any longer. If you’re wondering if it’s worth your time, the answer is a whole hearted yes. Whether you relax and enjoy views of the lake or you appreciate adventure on the mountain ranges, there is something for every type of person to enjoy while in the area.

Whether you’re traveling in a campervan hire New Zealand and choose to stay in your van where you’re allowed to freedom camp or you rent a cabin or hotel for your time in Lake Tekapo, know that you’re making an excellent choice of destination. New Zealand has some beautiful places that should be visited at least once, and Lake Tekapo is one of them.