Winter Traveller’s Tips: What to Do if Your Car Is Covered with Ice?

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Is your car covered with an ice crust after the rainy night? Now you do not know what to do with it next? You cannot even get the doors open? In this article, we will give you some advice on how to solve this problem.

  1. What you can do

If the car is not only covered with ice, but it is also covered with snow, before you start cleaning the car from the ice, swipe the snow off the windows. This way you reduce the load on the glass and it is less likely to crack. You do not want your windows to crack no matter if you own an expensive sports car like ford mustang or some used car, as window replacement is not a cheap option anyway.

What you cannot do

Do not try to get rid of the snow with a shovel, as it is too easy to scratch the paintwork or crack the glass. Use car brushes instead.

  1. What you can do

Before winter travel season, treat the door seals with silicone grease. This will prevent them from freezing to the car body.

If the car doors are covered with a small layer of ice, you can try to open them by gently pulling the door handle. If you see that the ice layer is large and the door will not open, use an ice scraper (keep an extra one in your house just in case).

With the help of its plastic edge, try to beat off the ice in the gap between the door and the door posts. You want to apply enough force but do it gently still.

In order to get rid of the ice from the hood or the trunk of your car, it is enough to knock on them with the palm of your hand. Part of the ice will crack and it can be removed from the body manually.

What you cannot do

Under no circumstance should one try to get rid of the ice from the fenders, the hood, and the roof of the car with a scraper, as this can damage your paintwork.

Also, do not attempt to knock down ice by hitting it with the handle of a scraper. Chilled metal is easier to deform and hence you are guaranteed to have dents and chips on the car body.

  1. What you can do

After getting into the cabin (it is assumed that you were able to open the driver’s door), you want to start the engine and direct the air vents toward the windows while setting the most hot temperature mode.

Having done that, you should then switch on the heating of the windows (rear and front ones). Do not forget to warm up your side mirrors either and wait for a while.

You will need to wait for about 10-15 minutes. Maybe more. It all depends on how cold it is and the thickness of the layer of ice on your car body. As soon as you see that the ice is melting, try carefully cleaning it with a plastic scraper and hit the road slowly.

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