Chartering a Private Crewed Yacht: What You Need to Know

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When you’re looking for that special luxury vacation you’ll remember for a lifetime, chartering a private crewed yacht is the way to go. But before you book your trip, there are some things you should know to ensure that your trip is a memorable one.

Chartering a Private Crewed Yacht: What You Need to Know

Basic Information

In order to select the best charter situation, you need to make some simple decisions first. When you have the answers to some of the most basic questions about your vacation, only then can you figure out how to plan accordingly.

For starters, how many people are coming along on the trip? Is it just you and a significant other, your immediate family, extended family, friends and colleagues? Getting a firm number of the people in your party will play a role in the selection of the yacht on which you will be traveling.

Next, think about the duration of your trip. Do you want to sail for three to four days? A week? Perhaps longer? This will also factor into the yacht and crew who will be serving you during that period of time.

Of course, you should know where you would like to sail. Having a destination in mind is also going to be a critical part of the booking process. The same thing goes for the activities you’d like to take part in over the course of the trip.

Chartering a private crewed yacht isn’t only about what you’re doing on the water but what you would like to do on shore as well. Snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, restaurants, shopping, you name it. These things can all be built into your itinerary at your chosen destination or destinations.

Customized Planning

This is your vacation, so plan it the way you want to enjoy it. That means providing the crew with all the tools to help you do just that. So before you embark on your journey, your charter company will ask you for all of your preferences on just about everything.

Be as truthful and specific as possible at this stage of the planning process, otherwise you won’t have as much fun as you could be having if you had been upfront about all of your likes and dislikes. This is also where you will provide additional information related to allergies and other restrictions that apply to all members in your party.

If you have any questions about this stage of the booking process, feel free to ask as there are no dumb queries in relation to your dream vacation.

Yacht Size

Once you’ve decided on all of the components that make up your chartered cruise, then the proper yacht can be selected to accommodate everyone and everything you plan to do together. There are smaller sizes to fit smaller parties of limited size and larger versions for bigger groups. Some parties might be so big as to require more than one yacht.

Most larger yachts can fit ten to twelve comfortably and the bigger the boat and crew, the more amenities that are available for you and your party.

Choosing a Crewed Yacht

Our clients have all kinds of reason for chartering a private crewed yacht. Some of them do it because they’ve never been on a boat before and have no sailing experience or skill. Many of our clients choose to charter because they want to spend their vacation on a boat that is larger than what they are used to sailing previously.

Even if you have some experience, the rest of the party may not and that means all of the work will fall solely on your shoulders. With the size of some yachts, one person alone is inadequate for performing every duty that is necessary.

We’ve had customers who have been working on a yacht all season and they would like to have someone else do the work now. When you hire a crew to handle all of the responsibilities, all you have to do is sit back and relax. There’s no concern for all the technical aspects and maintenance that are part of sailing a yacht of any size.

Finally, you may also come to realize that chartering your own private crewed yacht can actually cost less than booking reservations at a local resort in your chosen destination.

Now that you know everything necessary for chartering a yacht, talk to one of the experts at Private Yacht Charters about making plans for that ultimate getaway to anywhere in the world.