Exploring Manjimup

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Anyone looking for the perfect place to use as the base for their Southern Forests campervan hire trip would be making the right decision to check out Manjimup. This large and attractive town serves as the entryway to the region and is a great place to camp, with close proximity to Pemberton, Augusta, Nannup, and the famous tree top walk. The region is known for its scenic natural beauty, and the rich soils make for a variety of vineyards that churn out some of the finest wine in the country. The area also has a rich cultural heritage, with a variety of museums and native bush walks open to visitors in order to learn about the origins of this amazing land. If you’re looking for the perfect place to stay in the Western Forests, this is certainly it.


There are a variety of places to see and explore in the region, so you will want to schedule enough time to see it all.

Diamond Tree 

This is the only wooden tree top tower in the entire world, and visitors can climb it for a majorly awesome view of the surrounding area. This is a great way to get acquainted with the region from high above, not to mention the opportunity to climb one of the most unique structures to be found on Earth.

King Jarrah Tree 

This tree is over 600 years old and has survived many different climate changes and historical eras. Many claim that this tree is the energy source for the entire region, so it is well worth making a stop to appreciate its ancient beauty.

Historic Dingup Church 

Originally built by Thomas Giblett for many of the early settlers in the area, this ancient church is incredible to visit in order to get a feel for what it was like for the early settlers in the region. This truly was a brave new world full of excitement, opportunity, and danger. Little has changed with this church or its surrounding area, so you can get a sense for what it was like when you visit here. Any Australian campervan hire trip should be about education as much as adventure, and this area certainly makes for some interesting learning opportunities.

Fontys Pool And Caravan Park 

This has been a regional staple since the time travelers began discovering this area decades ago. The swimming pool from which the park takes its name is  incredibly famous icon and local landmark, with thousands of travelers visiting each year to mingle with the locals. This full acre of fresh spring water is known as the fountain of youth for its replenishing and refreshing qualities. It provides a gorgeous spot to enjoy a barbeque or picnic, or just spend a relaxing day on the water and sunbathing on the shore. One great thing to do here is take advantage of the inner tubes provided and have a good day floating in the relaxing waters.

Farmers Markets 

This area is known for its farmers markets and abundance of fresh local produce and products, which is great news for visitors. Check out one of the many Sunday farmers markets and stock up on fresh goodness for your stay or before hitting the road out of town. These markets also feature many pieces of art and local handcrafted goods. Defintely check out the Wine And Truffle Company which is the largest producer of fresh truffles in the southern hemisphere, all of them coming in from over 13,000 local hazel and oak trees. They also produce premium wines which are known as some of the finest in Australia.

Fresh Local Eating 

There are a variety of eateries in the region that offer a fine opportunity for a sit down meal. One place to try is the famous Top Notch Café which serves up fantastic breakfasts that are enjoyed by both locals and travelers alike. This café is located right next to the heritage Park, making it the perfect place to get breakfast before hitting the park. Many of the wineries in the region also offer fine dining, which means you can enjoy a nice meal on the beautiful grounds while sampling some of the fine product on hand. 

Manjimup has long been known as one of the finest places to visit in Western Australia and a great place for those on campervan hire trips to use as their base for exploring this rich and exiting region. From great wineries and eating to cultural education and scenic beauty, this region truly has it all. The locals are known to be friendly and accommodating to travelers, and campers have been taking advantage for many decades. Anybody looking for a good base for their Western travels would be wise to take a close look at Manjimup and the surrounding regions.