How to Plan the Perfect Christmas Office Outing

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For most companies, arranging the annual Christmas outing is a challenge, and with a certain budget, you strive to come up with something different, which of course, gets harder and harder, every year. As the organiser, you would have a budget, and if the venue choice is yours, spend some time looking at the options, which are many. The important thing is to choose something that has an appeal to the majority employees, and you might even want to involve the staff in the venue selection, which virtually guarantees the trip will be a hit.

How to Plan the Perfect Christmas Office Outing

The Venue

Assuming you work with the guests, you should have a good idea regarding likes and preferences. It is, of course, the middle of winter in the UK, and a day at the local ice skating rink might be appropriate. You might want to consider a day at the races, which always goes down well, or perhaps a golf tournament at a prestigious course nearby, or if you prefer an indoor activity, there’s always dinner and a show. If you would like something a little more adventurous, how about a competitive day at a paintball venue?


Depending on the numbers, of course, you will need to arrange transport to and from the venue, and that might involve anything from a single minivan, to a fleet of VIP coaches. If you are looking for cost-effective coach hire in the UK, for example, there is one company that has an impressive fleet of vehicles, all at affordable prices. Once you have the transport sorted, you can focus on making sure everyone knows what time to be at the pick-up point, which would likely be the office, and don’t forget to organise a few games while on the coach, as this will get everyone in the right mood for the festivities that lay ahead.


Whatever you decide, you will need to ensure the staff are well refreshed, and the coach company might offer refreshment services in their corporate VIP coaches, or failing that, you can ask their advice regarding a suitable stop off for refreshments. If you want to be ultra-efficient, you could have a mini-hamper for each person that contains a soft drink and a few snacks to be enjoyed during the ride.

In Transit Activities

Having all the staff in one vehicle gives you an opportunity to do some team building, and a few competitive games on the coach would certainly do the trick. One could, for example, hold a short quiz, with the questions themed around the venue, and with a few small prizes for the winner, this is a great way to get everyone in the party mood. This would also be the right occasion to hand out awards for excellence, which are designed to reward diligent workers, while providing the motivation for those who didn’t quite make it this year.

Organising a Christmas outing for the workforce is all about planning, and with a reliable coach hire company and a reasonable budget, there’s no limit to what you do.