Incredible food you can find nowhere except in NJ!

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Set your food in NJ, wondering what next? Food! Of course, any country will have its own style of making which will be popular in the locale. Shouldn’t you be aware of it also? Read on to know about the best dishes only available at New Jersey.

  1. Taylor Ham

Its pork roll also called Taylor Ham, dates back to its origin in 1856. It’s a part of New Jerseys breakfast menu specialty. It’s so popular that there are annual pork festivals in summer. After all mouth-watering food and full stomach if you would like to play a game of enthralling casino, then you can get the most popular bonus offer at Virgin Casino.


  • Sloppy joes

These are buns filled with a lot of grated beef that is cooked with sauce. So, as popularly known, this part of the food started off with a famous politician Thomas Sweeney when in the late 1930s brought corned beef from Cuba and clubbed in double-decker style. So goes the history of Sloppy joes.

  • Fat sandwich

An impressive mixture of mozzarella, French fries, roast beef, and chicken tenders together rolled to get a fat sandwich. It’s the best one could taste comparatively equally on size besides calorie wise food.

  • Trenton tomato pie

Trenton is where the pizza originated, and it is beautifully named for this pizza too. It’s not made of the contemporary style, but the heavy cheeses and topping go first on the crust along with the tomato spiced up on the top.  A true delicacy to even think off!

  • Chicken Savoy

It is named to be New Jersey’s unofficial formal state dish. It was invented by a mysterious chef from the Belmont Tavern. Its made of a roasted chicken burnished with garlic, sprinted with cheese and herbs. The final touch of vinegar adds to its classic taste. With many trying out the recipe far and wide, never had the tinge of the original.

  • Jersey style hot dogs

The hot dog styles and the taste is completely lip smacking with around 7 different varieties offered. If you are at New Jersey, do try these hot dog styles.

  • Beefsteak

Sumptuous dining is what you want? Try out NJ’s best beefsteak. Prepared from beef tenderloin soaked with heavy thick gravy, the beef-eating leaves you mesmerizing with the taste, popularised from the early 19th century.

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