Prepare a Balanced Meal in 4 Easy Steps

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Often one can get the impression that eating health is complicated and that it takes time, a lot of time! Well, think again it’s as easy as saying 1,2,3 4 !! Just a little organization of a pantry a little filled up and a few tricks! That’s where I’m helping you.

You remember the healthy plate? This is the basis of any balanced meal. To achieve this, one must have at least 3 groups on the plate either vegetables, starches and proteins.


So, here are the 4 steps to follow in order to concoct a healthy meal easily.

Step 1: Choose your source of protein

Sources: meat, poultry, fish, legume, egg, seafood, nuts, seeds, tofu.

Proteins are your long lasting energy that supports you, avoids food cravings and decreases. It is important to find proteins at all meals. 1/4 of the plate is enough to meet your protein needs.

Step 2: Choose your carbohydrate source (in other words the starchy)

Sources: pasta, rice, couscous, quinoa, barley, bread (all kinds), breakfast cereals and all flour products such as pancakes, muffins, pâtés etc.

Starchy foods are also energy of long duration. The slow sugars found in starchy foods are your source of energy for the brain. Try betting on whole grain products (avoid starchy starches) that will provide you with more nutrients and support you longer. The 1/4 of your plate is a good measure to have these essential items.

Step 3: Choose your vegetables

Regardless of your choice of vegetables or how you prepare them, the important thing is to have them in your meal. Check out my 2 following articles for vegetable ideas and how to prepare them. Vegetables how and why and   Vegetables prepare them differently to change the routine

The vegetables ideally should compose the 1/2 plate (I say ideally, but try to start having some on the plate if it is something more difficult for you). They are rich in nutrients, full of fiber and low in calories. A beautiful package deal!

The first 3 steps allow you to prepare a complete, balanced and varied meal without breaking your head on combinations. Imagine all the possibilities you have in each group!

Step 4: Complete the meal with fruits or dairy products

If you are still hungry after the main meal (and I insist on still hungry and not have taste!) Fruits and dairy products are excellent complementary foods. Choose milk desserts such as tapioca, rice pudding, chocolate pudding, yogurt or milk glass. Use the fruits to make a little chocolate fondue, to put them in a good homemade smoothie or just make a good homemade fruit salad.

Sweeter desserts can be casual choices because health also passes through food variety and fun! (Yes, even foods are part of a balanced life).

You see, it’s not so complicated to concoct a balanced meal. Well yes, there are other things that can improve your health, but if you start by having a balanced plate it’s already a good start!


And do not forget, making lifestyle changes is like learning to ride a bike, sometimes you fall, you get up, you go farther and you fall back. This is completely normal. The days when things are not so good, we say “OK today it was not great, but I’m back on a bike and tomorrow will be better.” Be positive by telling yourself that all the little changes you make count and by advancing with little step that we ended up climbing the mountain !!

Enjoy your meal!