Six Things You Must Do While in Monte Carlo

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Everything about Monte Carlo is high-end luxury, which is one of the reasons it is a favourite holiday destination for the rich and famous.

The Marina

The marina alone is home to some of the world’s finest yachts, and champagne is served with every meal, but you don’t have to be living a jet-set lifestyle to enjoy the beautifully landscaped gardens and breath-taking views.


There are many ways to access the city. Many recommend hiring a car and cruising from the Alps to see the stunning scenery. Alternatively, pre-book a taxi or take the airport bus, which takes approximately 45 minutes. If you are travelling by train, at Monte Carlo station you will arrive in to the station’s exquisite marble hall and immediately get a feel for what the city is all about.

Grand Prix

Being a tourist in Monte Carlo doesn’t require the vast expense you might imagine, as you are free to wander the streets where the famous Monaco Grand Prix takes place or take a bus tour.

The old town area is home to the cathedral, where Princess Grace is buried, plus you can visit the Opera house and the Casino. If you wish to see the Grand Prix live from the F1 Paddock Club Monaco, you can. The F1 Paddock Club Monaco has tickets and hospitality packages available for next year’s event.

Eating Out

There is plenty of accommodation available in Monte Carlo, and one of the most popular areas to stay in is by the Grand Casino and luxury boutique shops along the Carre d’Or. The city is also home to two Michelin-star restaurants and has recently welcomed famous chef Didier Aniès, but there are plenty of less extravagant eateries to go to.

Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium

One of the key tourist attractions is the Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium. Built in 1910, it is perched on top of a cliff, and the views from the rooftop are not to be missed. The museum is home to the Mediterranean Science Commission and part of the oceanographic institute.

Japanese Garden

If you fancy time away from the bustle of the city, a stroll through the Japanese Garden should be high on the list of things to do. Here you will see ponds, islands, waterfalls, lanterns, bridges, a tea house and a Zen garden.