Tips and a tour of the ruins of Pompeii

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Today we are going to visit the ruins of Pompeii and here is our visit to thisarchaeological site absolutely unavoidable . The program also includes our photos, our new video and practical tips if you plan a stopover in Pompeii during your future stay in Italy.

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Visit Pompeii: advice and visiting the ruins

It was during our 2 month trip to Italy, Greece and Turkey last summer that we spent an afternoon in Pompeii. Before we arrived, we had already spent 5 days in Rome , 1 day in Tivoli to visit the Villa d’Este  and obviously traveled a few hundred kilometers. Richard has already come to Pompeii on a school trip. He is eager to rediscover this extraordinary site and out of time of 66 ha of which only 45 ha have been excavated.

The ruins of Pompeii represent one of the most important archaeological sites in the world today.

The ancient city of Pompeii had a tragic fate. Drowned under the lava of Vesuvius during a major eruption on 24 August in the year 79 , the city was forgotten and then left almost intact its shroud of sediments during archaeological excavations that took place from 1748 . Excavations are still ongoing at the moment, while at the same time, nearly 3 million tourists and travelers visit the archaeological site of Pompei every year. You are told a little more below.

In Pompeii, immersion in history  is guaranteed!

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When one visits the archaeological site of Pompeii, one literally goes back in time .It is indeed one of the most surprising and moving sites in Italy. When one visits the ruins of Pompeii, the functioning of the ancient Roman society is understood as the visit proceeds .