Top 5 Cheapest Destinations to Fly to in the USA

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There are some finest and most affordable destinations to fly to in your USA Tour Package. Following are some of them:

USA Tour Package

Grand Canyon

It is a beautiful gorge in Arizona and is a great natural wonder. Grand Canyon has at least six million visitors each year. One can visit Grand Canyon from March to May and also from September to November. The temperature in the day is cool. Grand Canyon has many grocery stores and restaurants. There are many places on the South Rim and few resources on the North Rim. The travelers can enjoy a fast meal at the onsite cafeterias on the South Rim.

Glacier National Park

This National Park is on the border of Canada and USA and is known as the Crown of the Continent. It flows into the Pacific Ocean, Hudson Bay and Gulf of Mexico. This park is full of hikers and has a wide range of trails for all levels. The park has got 700 lakes, many waterfalls and two mountain ranges. The finest time to visit Glacier National Park is in July and August. This is the peak season for the visitors. There is snow in June and July at highest peaks. The park’s east side is cooler and more windy that the west side.  The east side is dry. This park is open 365 days in a year.


There are three entrances to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Gatlinburg.  To visit the park is a great attraction in Gatlinburg. To visit this park is a nice attraction in this town of Tennessee. There are trails for biking, hiking and horseback riding. You get a chance to see elk, deer, black beers etc. The finest time to visit Gatlinburg is between September and October. The peak seasons in Gatlinburg are summer and October. July is a busy month of the summer season. In the summer season, the temperature rises to 80s. There are moderate temperatures, offseason rates and crowds which makes September month best to visit. Gatlinburg is walkable. You may access the park trails nearby which may be accessed from the city. You may take an affordable trolley for local exploration. You will find the best rates on accommodations in September, March and April. Gatlinburg has a wide range of pizza joints, buffets and barbecue eateries to make the diners contented and satisfied.

Olympic National Park

This national park has a great attraction for the nature lovers from hikers to boaters to photographers. It is spread over one million acres. There are spectacular places to enjoy a picnic and you can plan ahead and get your own meal. You may find picnic tables all through the park. You can have wonderful views of the Pacific Ocean and also view of the Olympic Mountains. There are many campgrounds in the park and many scenic places to enjoy a great picnic. You can plan ahead and bring your meals here. There are many beautiful lodges which provide accommodation and restaurants, cafes etc. The dining room at Lake Crescent Resort is awesome and spectacular. It provides lunch, breakfast and dinners. The menus here is also awesome like smoked salmon, grilled local artichokes etc.

Portland Oregon

Portland is a lovely destination in the Pacific Northwest. The city has awesome cultural offerings. The finest time to visit Portland is from June to August. This is the peak tourist season. One has to book some months in advance to make sure availability at the affordable room rates. This city has a variety of street food available at affordable prices. Portland has awesome pet names such as City of Roses, Bridge City, P town, PDX. Portland has got the most diverse street food available at reasonable prices. Parking at the hotels can cost between $15 to $30 per night. You may rent a car for a day trip.

Portland is a great place for artistic and intellectual things. Portland is a great place for arts and music. It attracts young citizens who want a carefree lifestyle. There is a lot of music which flows in the city. The finest means to move around in Portland is public transportation. Portland is known for the finest transportation systems in the nation.  Book your holidays with Simons Holidays.