Venture Into the Heart of Chiangmai with the Joy of Traveling

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Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand. It is hidden in a lush valley surrounded by rice fields and green hills. The vegetation is very different from southern Thailand, the climate is drier and sweeter. It is ideal in a way. Chiang Mai is a very touristy city. But the inhabitants are still warm and welcoming. In this cultural city, you will discover magnificent temples.

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The square-shaped old town is the peaceful place of Chiang Mai. The cuisine of northern Thailand is famous throughout the country. As for example is the Warowot market which is huge and hyper animated. Modern and very old city at once you will not be able to remain indifferent to this specific atmosphere in the North of Thailand. Very quickly, you will reach the countryside, elephants (very tourist activity). And you will have the chance to go to meet, further north, ethnic tribes. While you make your stay at the perfect spa luxury hotel chiangmai you can check on the following attractions.

What to do in Chiang Ma i? Stroll the streets and markets, visit the temples and take the time to organize a family trek north of Thailand. There are also many activities for children including the 3D museum “Art in Paradise” and for the more adventurous go for a trek in Chiang Mai with a great team.

  • Sometimes called “The Rose of the North”, “The City of 300 Temples” or “The Capital of the North”, Chiang Mai has become more than popular over the years.
  • The atmosphere both lively and quiet reigns makes us forget the weather, and many travelers who stay longer than expected!
  • Chiang Mai will book you with surprise on surprise, creating memories that you will not be to forget.

A little history:

Formerly the capital of the kingdom of Lanna lying between the Kingdom of Ayutthaya and that of Burma, Chiang Mai enjoys a certain prestige by its location on a southern branch of the ancient Silk Road. However, it does not escape the various invasions that the country undergoes, so that for some years it is Burmese before being resumed in 1774 making Chiang Mai an official region of the Kingdom of Siam.

Its location gives it a strong cultural interest, where one feels foreign inspirations in particular in architecture: temples with roofs with floors, representations of nâgas (snake head linking the sky and the underworld).

A Visit to Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep:

Regarded as the most important temple in the city, it is the must-see temple for any visit to Chiang Mai. Once past the tourist shops of departure, we arrive at the foot of a long staircase framed by nagas all along.

How’s a stair?

Oh yes, we did not tell you? The temple is located at the top of the sacred mountain Doi Suthep, which offers an incredible view of the city. So, to access it, you have to climb the 309 steps that separate you. And yes, this temple deserves! (Rest assured, it’s worth the climb).